What age are your ears? Online hearing test measures your hearing loss

Kinda a cool test. Not sure if it’s been posted before. Measures your hearing loss by lowering the frequency as the age goes up, since we lose higher frequencies as we get older. Mine was accurate: I can’t hear past 14 khz.


pretty accurate, my ears are slightly older than i am but that’s 100% spot on from playing in a harsh noise band for many many years :joy:


15,500 right on the money! Not bad at all (I think). Did it with my eyes closed and it was really easy to tell the instant it became audible. Funny this was posted today because I was JUST worrying about this last night, kept myself awake thinking that I was missing some good high frequency content from my synths :joy:

I think about that quote from Seinfeld whenever I start worrying about hearing loss, hilarious.

I hear a ringing high pitch all the time. I must be sooooo young :wink:


I’m really afraid to take this. I’m just remembering all the times I plugged into a studio to jam and something was jacked up, or my own stupid mistakes with amps and cabling getting blasted by loudness…as well as shows front row GA next to gigantic speakers. :fearful: lol


Update my ears are L 50, R 47… I’m 39 (for like another 4 months). LOL

Will just chalk those extra 7-10 years of loss as “great times” :laughing: :sob:


I’m 49 so clearly I didn’t stick my head into nearly enough bass bins during my raver years!

Funny thing is that I have thought I have tinnitus for years (and maybe I really do) but perhaps I have sensitive ears and just regularly hear other high-pitched stuff in my environment.

Fun exercise. Thanks for posting it, @digiwut !


jebus… my kid was just busting on me for being ancient earlier today. now this confirms i can’t hear. happy 2021!

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My wife has tinnitus but her hearing is near perfect for her age (47)

Hers is stress related from work.


i’m sceptical of youtube’s audio compression making this a wholly accurate test…


My ears are allegedly six years younger than me

Wait - My left is six years younger, and my right is eight years older. This is news to me.


Ok, that’s weird: I got 16,300 (28 yr) L and 15,700 (32 yr) R. I’m 49! I have always been bothered by high frequencies, though, that my wife or others claim not to hear…


I thought I was doing amazing as my hearing said 6-7 years old!!!
Then I realised my soundcard was set to 44.1k for some reason instead of 48k :frowning:
Turns out I’ve got the hearing of a 29 year old :smiley: still not bad


This test tells me I’m a lot younger than I actually am. I love this test.

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i’m 45. according to this test, left ear is 40, right is 41.

Oh shit, I’m ok with the left (33) but I’m older with the right (45) :frowning:

While my ears are quite old (50+) I clearly hear the compression artifacts starting at 4-5 onwards.

The hairs (!) in my neck start rising around 21 and clear hearing of the high pitch sets in at 33-34.

Interesting …


I’m turning 45 next week and both ears came in at 31. I am surprised I haven’t messed up my ears more.

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Wow my ears came in about 5-10 years younger than I am. Must be lucky, I spent enough time clubbing in my 20s that I’d have thought they’d be worse!

Me too, but the sound I think I’m supposed to hear didn’t come in until 50.

I’m 39.