Weird phase issue on AH MK2

Hi there,

I’m experiencing weird phase issue on OB with my new AH MK2 as soon as I blend the dry with the wet. Here is what I get if I drop the AH VST on a white noise track with INIT preset (CLEAN BOOST):

As you can see, there is a big notch around 8k and I noticed the notch is changing depending on the selected character (ie: around 7k for ENHANCEMENT) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I double checked all config options and everything seems well configured. Off course EQ is flat, filter is off and no active LFOs. I really don’t understand what’s the point :cold_sweat:

I precise I’m not experiencing this issue when I use audio cables, only with OB plugin on my DAW.

Thanks for your help ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I tried all samplerate & buffer composition but the issue remains. I’m desperate :sleepy:

…u find me also wondering…

might be design, since i was also wondering, why oh why the heat has no areas where it’s not charming ur ears, no matter what u do apart from when driving certain filter resonances obviously waaay too hot and steep…

Is it at 50% wet? When i had an AH i could only use it from 0 to around 40% and from around 70 to 100% wet. Otherwise it would phase and frequencies would get cut. I don’t know if you’re experiencing the same thing.

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Yes, you pointed the issue better than me and my screenshots :sweat_smile: thanks !

It only happen on Overbridge: there is no phase mess using analog cables.

That is strange. I never used OB. It was like that with the signal coming through audio cables. I think the issue was discussed in the AH thread on here. And if i remember correctly the consensus was that this is normal behaviour if you mix two similar signals together because some frequencies cancel each other out.