Weird Octatrack Arranger Issue

About to play a live show and I’m encountering a weird issue on my OT mk2. When I push function + ARR to enter or exit arrangement mode, about half of the time it opens up the MIDI Sync menu. The times where it doesn’t fully open this menu, it flashes through that screen for a split second.

It always also turns off or on arranger mode correctly, so it’s not a huge deal to just exit out of the MIDI Sync menu. But the glitchiness and inconsistency is a little confusing/annoying. Anyone experience this / know what’s going on here? Thanks.


It opens this menu?
Screenshot_20210715-104929_Adobe Acrobat

That’s weird. I’ve seen several threads about OT Mk2s (IIRC all grey Mk2s) doing weird stuff like executing additional functions when a button is pressed or not recognizing a button combo in certain circumstances - Elektron said they were working on a bug fix. Maybe your problem is related to this issue?


same issue here, grey OTMKII. It helped to upgrade to newest firmware.


Yes, this is a grey Mk2 and that’s exactly the window that’s coming up. Glad I’m not alone!

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Have you contacted Elektron already? Just to make sure they have this specific issue on their radar.

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I haven’t, will do!

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This happens to me too on my grey OTmkII. Sometimes if I hold FUNC + ARR, it rapidly flashes between the Sync and Arranger screens, but mostly it just opens the sync screen while also turning on arranger mode. I have a ticket filed and they said they were able to recreate it and it could be fixed in a firmware update (no comment in when, though). But the more people that report it, the more likely it will be addressed, so make sure to open a ticket


I’ve reported it as well.


Did you heard anything back?

I have this issue, occasionally, as well, so it seems like it’s not yet fixed.

Known issue, as well as the [Func] + [Rec3]. Appears on Black MK2 1.40A, confirmed as a bug, read the bug thread.

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MKI still more reliable after nearly 11 years ? :content:

Nah at least my encoders work now. My mki encoders had shit the bed by year 4

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I guess I’m lucky, having it since…7 years, third hand. Around 9 years old minimum afaik.

I’m having exactly this issue and it’s not occasionally, it’s constant.
Anybody found a solution? I tried to get a ticket today but there’s some issue with Elektron’s website.

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Pretty blatant UI bug, very surprised it hasn’t been addressed in a minor version bump by now

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What firmware version is it? I have been using the arranger lately but I haven’t had an issue.

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Latest, 1.40a.

Could have to do with a hardware revision, but still… that OS came out in December 2020.

I try not to complain much but a ~1.5 year old UI bug where you basically have to get lucky to land on the right screen is a flat out poor showing from Elektron.


Having the same issue here on a grey OT. Can anyone recreate this using a black MKII running 1.40A?

Yes this bug is still occurring for me