Waves Flow Motion FM synth





Is this the Digitone sound engine vst? Looks like it has snapshot sequencing. Pretty interesting. I wish the demos were more than generic future bass tracks…


Well, I grabbed it. I got it for $35. I’ll report back and let you all know if it’s trash. It’s probably trash… :joy:

edit: Here’s the first preset test video I’ve found


Its actually pretty good, 1000 pre-sets and a lot of them are pretty good, interesting sequencer, ‘unusual’ (non resizable) GUI - the whole thing looks like it came from the mind and GUI team of Sugar Bytes…but that’s not a bad thing IMHO


Yeah I had a good play with it last night. I actually dig it. It’s FM so it’s up to the designer to get a good sound. The interface is super intuitive and, though I haven’t tried the sequencer yet, it’s very Elektron-ish. I just wish the BG was something flat. That gridded hallway thing is so corny. But yeah, overall I’m digging it.


With the VA filter after the 4op it is a quite similar to the Digitone…I have been playing with it a lot tonight (bought from soundekuxe for 33 bucks) and it is easy to get a good sound from scratch and it is also very light on CPU (even with 4 note unison)

A VST Digitone for 33 bucks, what’s not to like!


Seriously! And the CPU load has been a dream. Especially compared to something like Serum which totally wrecks my computer with a few active instances.


Really? How olds your computer?


Not old. Like 2 years. 4.2ghz quad core i7. I only noticed the crazy CPU spikes with certain patches and I have like 6 instances of serum running. Still testing it out so it could have just been that particular scenario.


If you’re running a Windows machine you should considder disabling the Meltdown and Spectre patch to lower your CPU usage.

Direct download: https://www.grc.com/files/InSpectre.exe


Just bought the plug in…probably need sleep because I can’t get any sound :confused:


Even when you load a preset?


It’s all good now, thanks!

Can’t belive this thing for $40. It’s insane.


For real. I’m starting to think this may have been a steal.


This is still a work in progress, but I played around with the synth…several instances of the Waves plug in and nothing else. Lots of sounds in that thing and I’ve barely cracked it open


I had a Digitone which sounded great but I returned because, among other things, it did not respond to the sustain pedal. I had been hoping for a similar plugin, and this seems to be it. The sound, ease of use and simple approach seem similar, at least at first.

I was annoyed initially that the license is just one machine at a time (though it’s easy to transfer) but with such a low intro price, I got 2 licenses.


I need to dig deeper into it but it seems pretty legit. I honestly don’t need more hardware. I’d rather invest in software and just sequence it with my OT.


That sounds pretty good! How are Waves plugins generally? I don’t have much experience with their stuff or many other plugins.


I think they have a bad reputation for a number of reasons (that do not have to do with the overall sound quality). But for $40… come on.


I don’t like Waves payment subscription system.
If it still is as was a few years ago, I think when you buy a plug you have free updates for the first year?
After that you have to pay for future updates, otherwise just hope the plugs still work.
I have a few that I haven’t updated in years, but still work perfectly anyway (on windows)