Virus Ti error?

Anyone had a similar problem and solved ut somehow? Thanks a lot!

My Ti Kbd has some bug or something on the pitch wheel… the wheel doesn t work properly bringing uncontrolled pitch weavings.

Problem is that it also does this by itself, without me touching it and destroying the performance I make on the keyboard… :frowning:
Any of you had something like this?

No … not here, but I can’t tell, how firce your performances are …

Is it on any patch, or only one? I assume you’re using the Virus “stand-alone” without the TI-plug-in.

Could there be a software issue? Maybe re-loading the firmware might solve the problem.

There is a way to reset the settings - not the patches- on the TI that might resolve that… like holding ARP while powering it up…

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Stand alone, on all patches .

My pitchbend wheel started doing this a while back - I could also see it over midi.
So I knew it was hardware.

( these things do wear out / go bad over time , that’s normal)

I bought a new pitchbend and mod wheel unit from Access and replaced it ( easy job)

You could also just open it up, and replace the potentiometer.

( the spring on my was also loose so I was happy to replace whole block)


For what price?

€45 excluding tax / shipping
( I’m based in EU , so came to €68 for me )

This is the pitchbend and mod wheel block as it comes as one unit.
You can find videos on YouTube of how to take apart keyboard etc - I used it as an opportunity to also clean keyboard contacts.

To order it I filed a support ticket with Access, and they coordinate with repair centre.

Note: this was a ~2 years ago, so prices may have changed etc.


Have you tried to reset? My Virus TI Polar did all kind of weird things with the mod wheel and also some pots that “moved” and I was really freaked out because I bought it second hand. The restore actually did resolve that and it never came back. From the access forum:

“With the Virus TI unplugged, hold down the “Arp Edit” button, located under the “Master Volume” knob, and plugin the Virus TI. You will see two LEDs (BPM and Logo LED) start flashing back and fourth - this indicates it is ok to now let go of the “Arp Edit” button and let the TI boot. All factory parameters * will return to their original settings.”


I did… Thanks!

Did it fix it? I had problems with mine. I had to fix it repeatedly. I eventually sold it to someone as is for a few hundred less, as he believed he could fix it.