Vintage Elektron decision: OT or MD?

After listening to some old music I made on the MD and OT respectively, I’m interested in reacquiring one or the other. I owned both for several years but they found new homes at some point along the journey.

Which would you recommend today?

I have all the current/newer Elektron toys.

OT stuff

MD stuff

Get the OT again m8, really liked most of your OT-tracks. It´s so much more versatile than a MD < :elot:


OT… I have an MD and OT. The OT you can octachain 16 kicks on track 1, 16 snares on track 2. 16 percussive sounds on Track 3. 16 open hats on Track 4. 16 closed hats on track 5. You still got 3 tracks for other sample flips. I love the old school vibe of the MD, but having octachained tracks gives you the ability to have 16x4x3x2x1 different drum kits. Did I calculate it right? You know what I mean.

Both are great but I’ll choose OT

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from what i heard in your OT example it seems that you are into Techno, more specifically into Minimal Techno and Tech-House. Unless you have some decent samples for this style i would go for the MD UW. It does these sounds right out of the box and they are perfectly mixable too. Layering and Resampling is also not that bad on the UW. OT isnt discontinued yet so its still a current Elektron machine. You can still buy it new. I would go for an MD UW that was bought from the last batches last year. You will probably not get one in better condition anymore - especially not if you wait longer.


diehard MD UW fan that i am, i’d say your default choice should be the OT unless you remember really loving some aspect of the MD that the OT doesn’t possess. drum synthesis/sound design from scratch? its own curious blend of self-containedness combined with creative limitations? its particular voice? or voices, considering it’s both a 12-bit sampler and a synth? … all these things matter to me, but if you’d be genuinely happy with either, get the instrument you can buy new with a warranty.

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Very sound advice here. On paper I would rec the OT purely because there is so much more you can do. However, stop thinking about it and just get both if you can. The MD is a perfect complement to your other boxes… i own both (and the A4) and happily sold my Rytm :slight_smile:

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md uw mk2 recent model

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What’s up Dub - I was a pretty hardcore MD user and looooooooved it. I was making music almost everyday with that thing. Albeit not the most ground breaking or mind bending, but music non-the-less. And that thing had a true CNTL-AL. Twist it up, save the craziness to a new pattern and continue down the rabbit hole. The DT’s Control All doesn’t have the same magic as the MD’s.

Same for the OT when it was fresh. Id toss some sounds in it and just jam away.

The new Elektron stuff though has me spoiled though…

Anyway, I think I’d get a MD before an OT only because the MD is so unique and inspiring. Easy to use to.

And I do apologize for categorizing the OT as vintage. Yea, you can still buy a new one with a warranty.


I would say go for the MD because I loved this machine and it was a big mistake to let it go.
HOWEVER, among your 2 demos, the one with the OT is the best IMHO.
It seems also that the OT would be more beneficial for your style (?) :alien:

Sounds like you are after a vintage mk1 mduw

Enjoy :blush: the md again, it never goes outta style

actually after having taken the time to have a quick listen to the two accompanying audio links, yeah, you do seem to work better with an Octatrack. Not sure how to describe it, just sounds better. More modern? Or more produced? I don’t know.

inspired me to redouble my efforts at reattaining an OT to go with the MD.

But as regards workflow and fun, the MD always wins. But there is more to life than just fun. Or is there? Maybe get both. OT first tho.

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By sound alone the OT track is way better.
The second one sounds flat in comparison.

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you need em both

he said flat to the MD :scream:

I like both, the MD parameter changes do sound more “90’s ish” if that’s even the proper term. Your OT work sounds like its still your style but it has slight modern twists and work to it. I’d say go for the OT if you dont mind all the page diving etc.

Hey, thanks fellas. Damn. I might pull the trigger on an OT…

Don’t laugh, but I traded my close to 5 year old OT for an MPC 1000 last summer. My OT was out of warranty and trig steps 14 - 16 didn’t light up anymore.

I am also in the market for an OT. How does the octachain work? Also, with 16 kicks on one channel, is it possible to play multiple kicks simultaneously or is each channel restricted to one voice?

  1. Read this thread:
    OctaChainer v1.2

  2. Each track is monophonic. It sounds challenging at first but you can bring a lot of chaos with 8 monophonic tracks. That thread about octachainer is definitely a good start.

  3. Once you get your slices in order in your saved sets on the OT let your fingers do the walking and record whatever you practice with. Listen and refine.

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