Video: How to Resample With Digitakt


Hi friends,

This is the first episode of Digitakt Quick Tips, a series of short on-point tutorial videos. I explain how to resample internal audio with the Elektron Digitakt in under three minutes.

Hope you enjoy!


Nice. Is there a way to resample on the fly like when using the RAM machines on MD UW?


Jeah it is kinda possible, but it‘s not that easy and you have to plan it.

Let‘s say you want to sample an incomming audio on track 8. Now you set triggs on track 8 and programm them to play a sample from the next empty slot. It has to be the next empty slot. After setting your triggs you go ahed, play the track. Than you record on the fly your „thing“ and than you have to be very fast with saving. Dont name it, does take to much time. Save the new sample on track 8 and it will be automatically assigned to the empty slot you programmed the trig with and he‘ll play it back. :sweat_smile: told ya, not that simple.
Maybe some one here has another idea?


I guess that should work.


People need to RTFM.


Or watch my videos. Reading is not for everyone :slight_smile:


Yes. Or even better, ask the knowledgeable community. :wink:


That’s what he did, he asked me if I can explain him how to resample. So I made a video to show him. Direct help from one Digibrother to another.


Which is great. My post was a response to the RTFM commentary. Happy to clear that out. :+1: