Very very small companion mixer for OT

Thanks for shopping!

I’m looking for a good deal. The USB connection (maybe handy, but not needed) makes it a bit more pricy than i hoped for. Best deal i found is

Yea, but at least it looks like the USB is class compliant, so you could use it with an iOS device to record your set, or as a backup recorder.

74 euros is a steal!

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Ordered :wink: If the USB is class-compliant i could record a set with my iphone :wink:

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The USB on the SoundCraft Notepad 12 works fine with iOS devices.

Another small option with lots of routing, if anyone else comes to this thread a-lookin’, is the K-Mix. Tiny, super-flexible, and bus-powered. Not cheap though.

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Good to know

Wow - how amazing that you found what you were looking for. I had no idea something existed that would fit all those requirements. Another Elektronauts gem! I had to re-read your requirements, and it sounds like an interesting use case. What kind of music are you creating? What is the microphone picking up? Examples? :slight_smile:

I will be using this with a very portable small setup:

  • OT
  • Faderfox UC4 to control OT (track volume, cue, and master delay)
  • This new mixer with mic to live-sample my voice, some small toys and other musicians
  • maybe an external reverb, or OT’s reverb via CUE send
  • maybe a synth (OP-1 or Monostation)

I will be using this for one or two new collaborations. One with a singer/musician. Other with drummer & basplayer. With both i’ll be live-sampling the other musicians and improvise with nothing prepared :wink:

I did this type of improvisation a while ago with a saxophone player and at that time an looper and a nord G2 (with sample patch). You can listen to it here: or in another project with drummer and gitarist (and me on 2 kaosspads ands some fx):


Yamaha MG06 ?

looked at it, and no, it has no option to send the mic track to an alternative output (alt or pre fader aux).

SSL 2 or SSL 2+ (depending on your output needs)

HANDS DOWN, can’t be beat for the money… stupid reasonable for an SSL product.

welcome to the forum

But this SSL 2 recommendation meets very few of the OP’s criteria.
#1 being a MIXER, not an audio interface.


I’m not sure I see the problem… the Smackie IS a small mixer. Looking for anything smaller than that with the same features will absolutely take away features simply because of physical limitations with circuitry and physical connections. More often than not, you’d have a laptop with you, so… I stand by my choice as you may even toss the smackie aside and use this simply because of sound quality.

Otherwise, might as well just suck it up and take the one you’ve got!

And thanks for the welcome too by the way!

or use the 74 Euro Soundcraft mentioned earlier that meets all of the OP’s criteria in a smaller package.


K-Mix? Pricey though :confused:

Had one (k-mix) for a while, because the features seems perfect in combination with its size. But i could’t get used to the touch faders and other ui stuff. And i was very irritated by the power / usb connections and the weight of the jack cables on the back that just pulls the whole unit over :frowning:

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I post my opinions with the soundcracft when i have it and used it for a while. For now it’s just the only unit that meets my criteria.

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Same. I should sell mine, but it’s super useful when I need something portable.

Pretty big for the price!
234 x 157 x 70 mm

I agree that I’d rather use the Mackie 802, not that big!
273 x 227 x 47 mm

But a passive mixer is gonna give you pretty weak levels…