Using the Analog 4 as a Drum Machine


I also made a template project, where the soundpool is full of drums. Love drums sounds on the A4. The Druma pack is great.
With soundlocks and trig condtions, using only one A4 track can sound much more complex than many “real” drummachines can


very impressed by this guy and the A4


@introvert you’ve got another fan


oh yes. For sure!


Dude’s a beast. His last release was pretty darn awesome and it’s my understanding that he’s got music just about ready to drop.


nice. thanks. Was watching all of his youtube and instagram videos last week. Time to listen to his records :blush:


Another one


People love exotic flavors in their electro Beef


A4 is a dope drum machine. I rarely have any voices left for synth duties these days…


I’ve been trying out @William_WiLD’s Low End pack for A4 drum machine duties recently, and it’s sounding good.


What I find inconvenient is designing drum sounds while making a track. Cause I never create patches as preparation in advance but always create sounds that would fit the actual track. Since I try to get as many drum sounds on one track as possible I have to set the parameters all with one hand while holding the actual step with the other hand…
That’s a bit tedious
There might be smarter ways of working like that :slight_smile:

A second A4 would be a solution :grin:


Yeah I’m not the best at designing drums I must admit I only focus on sort of essentials and try to give people a first foot in the LOWEND so then can maybe want to go further with more pleasure.

at the beginning I would like to focus on LOWEND only, at the moment I consider Low STAB as part of it… it become a 101 to cover more… sounds. it lead to chords… it lead to movement… it lead to check each sounds the other range of frequencies and be surprise sometime that a design started to become shitty in the low-end sounding quite nice in the other range.

I think that’s the first time I really practice (massively I mean on this amount of patch and focus only on sound synthesis) opposed to theory (that I’m in that for years like a very nice student of the internet damn…) a bit of a shame to force myself by a challenge to make something.

But I really understand the overwhelming aspect people can have with sound synthesis from scratch. Especially when you init, hear again that stupid raw sound, and think damn : Again, I need to start again to climb this mountain…

So the only trick then. If people are tired of sound synthesis then. is design in the context of a track. that’s where all start to make sense in the sound, in the construction, in the mixing frequencies aspect… To a better band frequencies because shape inside of it progressively. in the END the mixing (finalize) will be more easy and subtile than ever for the sound engineer. At the end the track will be a beauty.