Using plugin or standalone without sound card!?!

Hello there,

Is it posible to use the plugin inside Ableton or just the standalone application for controlling the Analog Heat and saving/recalling presets without having to use its USB audio interface?

I just want to send audio via Ableton External Audio and only use the application for controlling…

Is this possible, and how do I set it up?

Thank you!!

I’m doubting the plug-in is developed to allow that - but can I ask why you might want to do it that way?

Because I don’t want to use the converters in the Analog Heat. I want my dedicated converters to do the conversion. I only want the analog signal path from the Analog Heat and the controls and functions from the application.

Makes sense :relaxed: ?

i guess - i might be wrong but I understand when the VST is instantiated the Overbridge is engaged and can’t be bypassed. - they warn about trying to both in their documentation somewhere. … you could control it with MIDI CC independent of the plugin i.e. just make Midi clips inside Live and send the data to the AH through some midi interface

I don’t use Ableton but it’s possible in Reaper and Studio one. You have to go to AH’s settings menu, select routing, activate in/out to in+out. USB mode overbridge. You can now load the AH plugin on a ghost channel (in and output routing to none (or unused in and outputs of your interface) so it doesn’t receive or send any audio within DAW (AD/DA bypass). It does however display the incoming audio from the L/R inputs from the heat itself. Now you can connect the outputs from the HEAT to the input channels of your audio interface. The VST panel ends up as just a screen controller.

Thank you! It works in Ableton too. Perfect!

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Excellent answer here, this helped me as well!