Using OT effects with Analog 4


I have my A4 connected to my OT and want to figure out how to use the OT effects like LFO to affect the incoming MIDI tracks from the A4 to the OT. For example, to use LFO creator to layer FX on top of the A4 tracks.

Any idea how I would do this?


Thru machines

p119 Octatrack Setup Examples -> Octatrack As A Performance Hub


Confusing question. If you were more clear it’d be easier to answer. LFO’s are not effects. You can’t “affect the incoming midi” with LFO. You can send LFO via midi from one device to another, to affect specific parameters.


Let me clarify,

I have 4 tracks playing on my A4 and the OT is master controller. I have movie clip samples on my OT. I want to be able to use the OT effects such as LFO to mangle the A4 tracks. Does that make sense?


thanks I will check it out and experiment! I want to use LFO creator on the A4 tracks.


LFO is not an effect… what are you trying to achieve?

Trying to modulate an A4 parameter with Octatrack LFO?

Or manipulate incoming audio (in this case from the A4) with the Octatracks effects?


I think your best bet to mangle A4 audio is to just sample it into the octa then once it’s in sample form you can mangle away, that’s what the octatrack is built for.

What you’re trying to do with LFO’s isn’t going to work how you want it to.


Thanks yeah I can do that. I just experimented side chaining a sample on the OT to LFO and scenes that was fun!


Perhaps you are asking how to use OT’s MIDI tracks, including the lfos, to alter the FX sends (and other parameters) for “mangling” on the A4?
If so, set synth tracks 1-4 and FX track on A4 to different MIDI channels (I use 1-5). Then engage OT MIDI mode and set tracks 1-5 to the respective MIDI channels on A4.
Consult manual forr CCs and your off!
I like the idea of a custom slow evolving lfo applied to reverb and delay…and chorus…and…


yes that is what I am really after!

I have a few tracks on the A4 for pads and bass and drums fed to the OT. The OT has the voice samples. I will try this out!

Was experimenting with LFO side chains tonite on the OT and tweaking scenes.


Yeah, you can do like @FreeBot777 and @BossDoggington say and send OT midi lfo to control the A4’s internal fx or fx sends, or you can do like @Rusty says and send the A4 audio through a thru track on OT, load fx to the thru track, and use OT’s lfo to modulate the thru tracks fx…

An lfo just modulates parameters, like an invisible hand turning knobs… An OT midi lfo can “turn knobs” on the A4, an OT audio lfo can “turn knobs” on the audio parameters or OT track fx… By itself it doesn’t do anything it is sent to some parameter to modulate…


:scream: I didn’t know I had 48 hands in my OT ! :scream_cat:

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Cool think trying all three approaches will help me better learn my gear as well!

Right now I am trying to fix a level sound issue with my samples that I recorded versus the much higher default level sounds of the included sound packs.


Normalizing should fix most level issues. However the octatrack does have a really annoying -12db mixer, so you’re going to have to boost during recording to compensate for that.