Using Octatrack for DJing- is it better now with pattern-specific tempos?

hi all,

I’ve got a nice little gig coming up, and I’m thinking about doing a kind of hybrid DJ/live thing with only my own material. But I’m also going through a really hectic time moving house and studio(!!)… aaaaah

My question is; now that it’s possible to set a fixed tempo per pattern, is the OT a bit better for DJing with? In the past I didn’t like how it stretched whole tracks out (time stretching) - I like playing vinyls/CDJs in a more natural sense, where you slow it down and the pitch lowers… I think it sounds a lot better - I don’t like time-stretching on entire tracks (it’s obviously very cool as an effect for production;)… But now that time-stretching can now be avoided by setting the pattern tempo to the original tempo of the piece, I’m wondering if the idea is worth re-exploring.

Is anyone here doing something like that, specifically using Static Machines for playing back longer pieces, and setting the pattern tempo to the correct tempo for the track, so that time-stretching isn’t really being used?

Apologies for the basic question! My life is kind of in pieces while I’m moving… So I thought I’d ask here:)

hope the Elektronauts out there are doing ok in this mad world!

Hope I got your question.

When you have a sample loaded, and are use it in a static machine for playback, you can just disable the time stretching per sample in the Audio editor.

Do you have (or can the venue/promotor provide) CDJs? I’d imagine this is much easier to prepare and perform than an OT based set… especially when you’re tight on time. Make less work, not more.

(Obviously, this is just my perspective. I once started the process of setting up a DJ gig with OT and I found it frustratingly fiddly and difficult to manage. I gave up, but I didn’t try very hard. I have the luxury of also owning a nice controller and Serato)

that is true!

also good advice…

there might be CDJs available. And that is obviously an easier option. I thought it might be nice to have some of the OT flexibility too.

I guess I’ll have a chat to the organiser and see how I’m going for time, as the date gets closer.


For sure. It’s a great instrument/tool.

Good luck!