Using Model:Samples to Send Midi Program Changes - Help Needed!

Hi all, I’m just setting up a new live rig around a Model:Samples I’ve just got, and I’m really struggling to understand how to use it to send MIDI program changes to the rest of the setup. The more I read, the more confused I’m getting! I’ve got a patch on each instrument per song, and I’m currently having to change it on each individual instrument in between each track. I understand it’s possible to use the MS to change patches all in one go, but cant for the life of me work out how! Any tips would be hugely appreciated, off on tour on Wednesday and I’d love to have it sorted by then.

The MIDI setup is - Model:Samples --> MIDI Thru Box --> Moog Sub 37 + Analog Heat + Jomox Mbase11 + OTO BIM

You can set this up in the M:S’s CONFIG > MIDI menus:

In the CONFIG > MIDI > SYNC menu, set PCH OUT to “ON”.

In the CONFIG > MIDI > OUT CHAN menu, set PCH OUT to the MIDI channel number on which all your other gear will respond.

In the CONFIG > MIDI > PORTS menu:

  • set OUT TO to “MID”,
  • set OUT/THRU to “OUT”,
  • (you may also have to adjust OUT POL).

This will now send a MIDI Program Change message every time you change pattern on the M:S.

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In the Sub37’s MIDI menu:

  • set IN CHANNEL to the desired MIDI channel number,
  • set RCV PGM CHG to “ON”,
  • set IN PORTS to “DIN”.

In the Analog Heat’s SETTINGS > MIDI menus:

  • in the SYNC sub-menu, activate PROG CH RECEIVE,
  • in the PORT CONFIG sub-menu, set INPUT FROM to “MIDI”,
  • in the CHANNELS sub-menu, set MIDI CHANNEL to the desired MIDI channel number.

On the MBase11, you only need to set the MIDI channel number.

On the BIM, you only need to:

  • set the MIDI channel number, and
  • deactivate the MIDI filter for Program Change messages.
    You can choose to set up the Program Change map however you want.
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Thanks so much for your response, incredibly helpful! I’ve got everything up and running now. One other quick question, which I guess is related to MIDI program changes as a whole (and not specific to the Model:Samples): currently, when I select patch 1.1 on the Model Samples, it selects the same patch on the Sub 37 (bank 1, patch 1), and patch one on the Analog Heat. Patch 1.2 on the model samples selects 1.2 on the model samples, 17 on the analog head etc etc. Is there a way to change the starting point on individual instruments, so say I could select patch 1.1 on the M:S, but it’d choose Bank 8, patch 1 on the Moog?

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Unfortunately not. Of the gear that you listed, only the BIM has the ability to remap Program Change messages.

For the others, you will have to re-map your patches. There is also the possibility to use an additional external MIDI processor unit to re-map the Program Change messages.


You are very effective Mr. Hanes.

Thanks again for your advice Hanes, super helpful! Are there any small external MIDI processor units you’d recommend at all?

Apparently @PeterHanes asked me to take a look at this…:wink:
Would you want to be able to remap oftenly?

The smallest is the RK002. Not the easiest to program.
I usually use the Event Processor, but I’m not sure it’s the best for that purpose, limited to 32 events, no maths.
Bomebox I don’t have should do it too.
You can test its functionalities with the software.