Using long vocal samples

so i cant figure out the best way to switch between 3 or 4 different long (50 sec) vocal samples with out using all my tracks up. any suggestions?

What do you mean “switch between”? I don’t understand how they can use all your tracks in any case.

Have you looked at one shot trigs?

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Can you make a 4 minute file with each sample assigned to start at a minute and slice it, then trigger the slice number?
Check out ‘sample chains’.


Sample chains could be what you are looking for. Also you should know about sample locks, they enable you to play any sample (from the applicable list) on any track.

  1. Create sample chain with vocals, assign it to track, slice it.
  2. Create several patterns and sample-lock your vocal samples.
    Don’t forget about tempo-multiplayer per track: if you have to use sample longer than 64 steps you can change tempo multiplayer to 1/8 which equals to 512 steps.
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Oh, and then I think you can trigger them manually outside of the sequencer by switching to slices mode. I think it’s function down arrow to get to it.

man i have so much trouble when i try to change the tempo per track. idk. i guess i need more exerience with that. i love the idea, but it cuts off other tracks lengths, and i have difficultly editing.

so basically i am remixing a song, and i have 3 60 second samples. what i want to do is have the sample play not loop, and once thats over a bit later i want the next to play and not loop. and then say have it play the 1st sample. i thought maybe using a midi keyboard, and just strike the key assigned to that sample when i want to play it. but there must be a in the box solution to this.

Put the samples in separate slots. Switch the trig buttons to slots mode (function & down if I remember) then you can trig them on the OT in that midi keyboard style

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yeah ill try that thanks.

in slot mode if those samples are not assigned to a track that means i cant use scenes or fx for those samples right? cuz its not attached to 1 of the 8 tracks.

The effects are on the track. Yes, they will apply as will the scenes. So make a sample chain, assign the sample chain to a track, set the track properties to slices, set the length to slices and the slices length to 1 trigger the slice manually from the 16 buttons on your OT. It’ll happen.

cool gotta try it, thanks for the info bro

i cant find anything in the manuel about sample chains, what is that exactly and do i do it?

Start here -

Let’s say you have four vocals at less than a minute each. Combine them into one file with each one starting at zero seconds of each minute. So 1 plays at 0 seconds, the next plays at 60 seconds. Etc. (Or use octachainer)
Load this to the OT as a sample. Put it in track 1. Double tap ‘playback’ turn off loop, turn on slice and leave length to slice.
Function bank to go to the wave editor. AMP to select slice. Yes. Arrow down to create slice grid. Arrow down to four even slices. Yes to zero cross. Select file by pressing effect 2. Arrow down to save sample settings. Yes.
Hit no twice to come back to the main screen.
Function down arrow to switch the keyboard to slices mode. It’s three or four down. If you have four slices, the track selected and green, and you’re not in record mode, the keys should light green indication your slices. Press each key To trigger your sample.

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