Using Digitone standalone for techno jams - tutorial

Hi Elektronauts!
I’m new to the forum and recently made a tutorial going through my workflow of using the Digitone as a standalone device for (minimal) techno Jams. Maybe this is interesting for some of you offering you some ideas for your own workflow:


Just started but I do the same B/W patterns (digitakt too, but call them top/bottom) and try to keep my instruments on the same tracks whenever possible. Enjoying the video (and the tunes) so far!

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Great to hear that I’m not the only one using a structure like that! Do you use DT+DN as a combo or do you go DT only? Cheers!

Oh wow I just added your ‘Moog Bass’ tutorial to my DT/DN playlist last night. Need to check that out still. I really enjoy this type of content. Subbed, hit the bell, and hope you share more! Concise, educational, and most importantly makes me want to Fire up my DNK and make Some techno! Thanks man.

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That’s super great feedback, thanks so much! I’m definitely planning of doing more content like this, next up there will be another jam I think. Fantastic to hear that the videos work as an inspiration to make more music. :slight_smile:

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