Using Ableton Push with Octatrack etc

I’ve become very happy using the Octatrack and Ableton together, sending samples out to the Octa, using them to make loops and patterns, then recording the results back into session clips.

And because I’m happy, and don’t need anything else, the next natural step is to think about buying more gear :wink:

Anyone using the Push like this? Specifically, to help sample and arrange stuff that you make on hardware, like the Octatrack, Digitakt, etc?

I want to know if it’s worth it, or if I should just try to avoid the GAS for a week or so until it blows over.

I’ve seen an existing topic on the Push, but it’s more of a general Elektron Vs Push thread:

No Push fans at all? Or just nobody using it with Octatrack?

I’ve got both! I definitely don’t use the Push to its potential, but I really like both of them together. My typical workflow is to use the Push as my “start button”, recording trigger, mixer, and keyboard, but I let the OT do my arranging and syncing for everything else.

I started music with bass guitar, so the 4ths tuning in the chromatic mode on Push is very intuitive for me, which helps remove the keyboard technical hurdle.

I do need to upgrade to an interface with more outs though, since I’d like to be able to record sounds from the computer back onto the OT for remixing.

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If you are using the octatrack to do the bulk of the sequencing, and ableton to record, maybe consider an APC40 instead? You still have control over the session clips, plus faders and rotary controls.

Personally I’d find the push would only amplify my frustration that the octatrack is difficult to integrate with the daw. I do feel that the push excels most for a predominantly itb workflow, and “pushes” people that way. I think the apc gives good control of ableton whilst still allowing the hardware boxes to shine, if that makes sense?

As far as I know, Push works only with Ableton Live–it’s not a MIDI device. So you can use Octatrack with Push+Live together, but not with Push by itself.

I use Ableton and the Octatrack together, a simple MIDI sync and audio in/out. I record and resample both ways, with Ableton as my arranger, mostly.

This is mostly because a) I like Ableton and b) I really don’t like organizing clips in the Octatrack.

I like the idea of being able to use Ableton without a mouse or trackpad, so it would be the push or nothing I think. But perhaps nothing is the best bet here.

I’m a guitar player first, so that feature is one of the things I like most. That, and fixed-length recording into Session clips.

Found this just now, there’s a few options listed, might be of some use to you…

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Thanks! I’m used to looping with looper pedals and guitar, so I just use a midi pedal and quantized recording. But that’s a fantastic reference page.

I visited a local music store to check out the Push, and it’s not for me. It’s nice, but doesn’t really add much over Ableton on its own, for my purposes.

Also, I don’t like the buttons. The pads are fine, but I really don’t like rubber-covered buttons. I’be probably been spoiled by Elektron’s amazing keys.

I’m still interested in how the push could be used with the Octatrack, though. Being able to quickly record clips seems like a great enhancement.