Ushijima - Live jam on modular and music

Hi there !

I wanted to start a thread where I could share my own Youtube videos mainly focused on eurorack modules and live jam I do for fun at home.
And on the other side promote a bit of my music and live sets, I’m beginning to work a lot more on news releases and to start this thread I want to share with you my recent podcast for a french radio based in Paris :slight_smile:

Expect more Youtube content as well as new music on the way!

Here as some links for my content

Here is my latest jam record

This patch is 100% made on modular, multitracked with a bit of eq/compression in Ableton.

Basically the patch is morphing like a whole entity thanks to multiple modulations going to many destinations in the rack. The main one is the Schippmann oscillator as a LFO which is reset each kick trigs. There is also the Quad LFO in Rotate mode + the Kermit which take care of random modulations which are sync or not depending where it goes.

Sound sources:
LIP : Kick / Bass
PH3 : Lead
Manis Iteritas : Drone
HD3 : Granular sound

Mimeophon, Clouds, Beads


Hi there,

Here is my first track released on a local label here in FR, this track has been recorded few months back with a similar set-up as on my latest video with the addition of Digitone for some FM vibe.

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I’m posting here my latest live recorded with my beloved Rytm and modular set-up, mainly improvising alongside the set.
It’s up online for a local radio here in Brittany (FR)

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Hi there :slight_smile:
I’m pleased to share with you my first EP on a local label, here in Brest (FR)

Hope you enjoy!!!