Updating OS - Downgrading OS


Hi All

I’m currently running the OS 1.02, and I’m thinking of upgrading to the latest OS - 1.21
and yes I’ve backed up all my projects…

Has anyone had any experience with a big upgrade jump like this ?
Any experiences of lost data or corrupted projects?

The next question is…if I do perform the upgrade and have difficulty, can I downgrade my OS back to 1.02 in order to finish the projects I’m working on?

It’s my understanding that downgrading is not officially supported.
What about a full reset, perhaps taking the DT back to the OS it shipped with?

I’m basically trying to formulate a backup plan of sorts, in the instance that the upgrade from 1.02 - 1.21 doesn’t go so well as to not lose all my work until I’ve had a chance to record some of the songs.



I think downgrading is not officially supported by Elektron and you may run into issues if you save your existing work under the newer OS and then go back. If you have any chance to check whether you can restore your existing work without issues, I would recommend to do so before upgrading (e.g., with a second machine).



I think your right, trying to borrow another DT running the latest OS, to test the compatibility of my projects on that from the backups I made, is probably the best option.