Update Digitakt from 1.11beta to 1.11 fails

Hi all, I’m trying to update my Digitakt from version 1.11beta to 1.11 and I receive or a checksum error, or the Digitakt just crashes. Does anybody else experience these kind of issues ?

I’m running the transfer app on OSX 10.15 beta (19A512f) and the sys file is transferred without a problem, I can browse, upload/download samples. Whenever the FW starts deploying the Digitakt crashes with following information ;

Exception R0028
SSP : 4 VEC : 03
FS : 4 SR: 2008
ADDR : 400AD042DE

which is in a frame on top of the message : Checksum error.
If the Digitakt doesn’t crash when trying to update following message is displayed ; Upgrade Failed; checksum error.

Obviously, I’ve redownloaded the firmware (a few times) , but still I get stuck @ the same point each and every time. Alas, I cannot use the C6 app, as it is 32 bit and my OS does no longer supports 32 bit apps, so the second option is not an option for me. Having said that, the transfer goes without (noticeable) issues.

Any advice/tips/hints/… would be very welcome.

Thank you.
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I have the same issue here with 1.11Beta6. How did you solve this problem?


I was not able to fix it on any of my macs, so I installed the Transfer app on a windows box which enabled me to update the firmware. Sorry I couldn’t help you with a more cool solution


From what I understand you should use a sysex tool like Sysex Librarian to send the updates. Transfer is primarily for transferring sample data.


Can confirm that SysEx Librarian does the job for the Digitakt firmware update on OSX 10.15.1 Just tested it by redeploying 1.11 and it works. It is extremely slow, but at least no winbox/dual boot/vm/parallels or other tricks required.


I’ve only updated from 1.07 to 1.10 but during that time I just took the time do some house cleaning. :joy:

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This is the answer I’ve got from Elektron support :

Are you using OS Catalina? If so, when using Transfer 1.1 (the currently released version) on macOS Catalina to update the OS of Analog Rytm, you will get a checksum error like this.

The ways around this are:

  1. to update the OS on a computer that does not run Catalina
  2. or use SysEx Librarian on Catalina.

OS X Catalina (10.15.1) SysEx Librarian update to Digitakt 1.11 works perfectly as stated in this thread. It requires some patience. I’d say about 20 minutes. But no action is required in the process. Settings were “input from” USB.