Unboxing Videos

Ok. Who watches them, and why?!

I’ve never understood them.

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I dunno man, but my 3 year old was watching one the other day, and we’ve worked pretty hard to minimise advertising in his life. He didn’t have a fucking clue what he was watching, but all he knew was he wanted to watch more of it, and then buy monster trucks.


Same reason people wrap presents. You ever notice how Moog does their packaging. It’s the drama. The videos let you experience that drama vicariously. Great for kids. Other people buy stuff addictively to unwrap it themselves.

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Even for cool new gear I don’t get the point. I don’t share anyone’s excitement seeing them taking something out of the box nor do I need to watch them stumble around a piece of gear they don’t understand.

Frankly, I while I appreciate good packaging after I spend hundreds of dollars on something, getting it out of the box and dealing with the waste brings me no joy.

Yea, I dunno. I don’t really need to see someone take a USB hub or an expensive piece of gear out of a box.


Haha. I remember those (my boys are 10 now, so not so interested anymore). Nearly always fully grown men doing those toy unboxing videos too. But shit, my boy wanted them Monster Trucks…

The stuff for adults makes no sense. No sense what. so. ever. It’s like someone did one one day and it became a thing. No one really knows why they’re making them now, they just think it’s what you need to do if you have a YouTube channel.

Open the box ffs, then show me what it does.

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Love the Moog packaging - When I’M opening it!


I don´t get the point either, but i like to watch them. :frowning:
Must be some CIA Operation Paperclip psychothing to make us all addicted to synthesizer unboxing videos.

But wait…there are much more weird things…like those ASMR videos that get MILLIONS of clicks!

12 mio clicks…WTF…


The arsehole in me would liked to have seen someone unboxing their brand new PS5 only to find a box of kitty litter in the Amazon box…

Or someone opening a OPZ box and there’s just a shitty old remote control in there :rofl:

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I think it a male thang. Undressing and all that. Definately something else going on here.:slight_smile:



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I wish Elektron would add more shittyshittybangbang to their boxes…

Millenium Falcon bottle opener!

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Like this ?

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@nedrush did a boxing video.
Where he put his octatrack back in the box.

Riveting stuff, such a spin on the “take some thing out of a box” genre.


Because of this, I watched unboxing videos of the Matriarch and One

They certainly were dramatic :smiley:

I find they’re really useful when I’m selling a piece of gear and can’t remember how it was packaged.


The benefit for the instrument maker for a dramatic presentation, is in creating a positive first experience for that customer. I think people form the kernel of their emotional attachment to an instrument and that brand, in those first initial moments of experience. You want to give pleasure and feed the feelings of well-being in that customer. Even down to the stickers in the.package — think of the Model:XXX products. I can make this product my own.

The same goes for the retailer, Sweetwater includes candy, and more stickers, in the box as for instance.

I love TE but this doesn’t look far off a PO with one of the cases to be fair hahahaha

I don’t get them either but I just figure it’s a YouTube culture thing and I don’t want to yuck anyone’s yum. So, let the kids have their fun. Whatever keeps em off the streets!


Easy to say, but this is what my kid looks like after a couple of unboxings.*


That shit is like refined sugar, straight to the lizard brain shopping receptors.

*Not my actual kid