Unable to play the lower 2 octaves with my synths


I can only play the upper 2 octaves of the M:S via midi. My synth that i use as a midi keyboard can be transposed to -12 but the lowest note when transposed is the middle C on the M:S. Anybody has the same problem?


Yes, same here


Here’s what happens when I play the M:S via a midi keyboard. No note above C3 on the keyboard will trigger the M:S, but I can go as low as the keyboard will allow.


I tested from my DAW and I can play the full 4 octave range on the M:S. I just had to go one octave lower (C0-C4).

The catch is this: how is your equipment defining MIDI Note zero? I guess some instruments will say that MIDI 0 is “C0”, while others map it to “C -1” (negative one). I don’t know why. That’s what my DAW is doing (Reaper), it starts the scale at C -1. When I play a C0 from my on-screen keyboard, it is telling me that is MIDI Note 12. So my range to trigger the Model:Samples is C0-C4, instead of what the manual says (C1-C5).


Yes, the problem is that most midi controllers can’t be used for playing all octaves on the m:s. Maybe it can be fixed with a fw update though.

Edit: I was wrong. Actually most of my synths don’t go as low but my midi controllers do.


Yeah, there isn’t a standard. For many devices midi note 0 is referred to as C-2, but can be C-1 or C0… When in doubt use the actual midi note number…


I would guess that most MIDI keyboards are capable of sending MIDI note numbers 12-60. What model do you have?


You’re right. My keystep works. It’s other synths that don’t. My old Korg X5 and my Mfb Dominion 1 for example. Which is unfortunate because they have better keybeds than my midi keyboards.