UB-Xa from Behringer

Yep, sounds much better. I also think the “presenter” is much better, that might be the sole reason why it sounds better.


Jack is like the kid who skipped lessons at school to chase the girls.

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The gliding low end chords + high notes at 9 ish minutes, a world of difference with the other demo

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I’ve wanted to see a performance on the UB-Xa that needed polyphonic-aftertouch. Here’s the first i’ve seen.

It’s simple, the right hand is in unison, but the expression of both velocity and poly-aftertouch are apparent in this performance. You don’t have to listen to the end, there isn’t a large change to be seen using poly-aftertouch, but this performance would be entirely different without it.

This is a good instrument to be adding poly-aftertouch to. I think Behringer will be including it on all their large keyboard synths in the future.


Give it a listen over in this thread.


This does look and sound like a beauty of a synth :+1:

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I noticed that at 1:23 of the video, the guy is playing the keyboard but there is no audio cable connected. what does it mean? Does Ubxa have audio over usb?

There’s a cable connected to the left output I think

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Ok, maybe you’re right. the video is kind of dark
Synth has 4 outs:

It’s unusual to see the L and R Outputs separated by a Mono Output.

Has anyone seen any other info on this?

Price or availability?

Silly that the “long wait is finally over” but no real info provided on availability.

their insta says 1499 $

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wow! Well it’s sticker-shock coming from Behringer haha seems high, but then you look at the unit, the market, etc and it seems to make sense. Not too high at all, this seems like a beast.

Anything on Instagram about availability?

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the pricetag should be $1499 (I read it somewhere but I don’t remember where). Speaking of availability: the standard to which Behringer has accustomed us is 6/8 months from the final announcement on Thomann.de, 1 year for the rest of the world.

UBxa won’t be your Christmas gift 2023

It’s interesting, 6mo - 1 year, because this is the marketing:
"The long wait is over. The UB-Xa is ready to be unleashed. "

I’d hardly call 6mo - 1yr “Ready to be unleashed” :rofl:
hoping it’ll be unleashed sooner, good things come to those who wait
originally announced January 2018

I haven’t had a chance to watch the video in full yet. Aftertouch on the keyboard?


We don’t know yet when it is delivered and in the first customer’s hands, unless someone has insider’s knowledge, or until we hear something more firm.

Better …polyphonic aftertouch!

There is a lot more to this synth than an OBX…video is well worth a watch…this looks like a killer synth.