The Behringer Gear-in-progress Thread

seems they miss the chance to add the original sequencer

Where do you see them shipping or available for purchase?

On Facebook Behringer posted photos of boxes being shipped from their factory

Still waiting for the vcs3, been long enough

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Interesting but … what the hell is “dual glide”?
And why would I care about the “VCF and VCA performance” it’s a analogue synth what does this even mean?

Sound Only !!!

Behringer Facebook : As we’re getting ready for the production of the long awaited UB-Xa …


I think I will be buying an edge sometime along the road. It is ugly as ferk though

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Agreed. I will probably buy it, once „Heinakroon“ releases this 1966 overlay for Edge:

Gives the machine a whole different vibe, I think


Thanks for pointing this out. Would definitely make the machine better to look at. Whoever did that design should be tortured in the worst ways. Like the person should have to look at the edge nonstop for 24,5 hours… brutal

I am so happy to see the Solina coming closer to being a reality. It is pretty cool that someone made a new analog divide-down string machine. I saw $250-$350 mentioned in a couple of places. It’ll be interesting to see how these go once they make it into the hands of people doing reviews and demos.

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would probably get the Solina if not for the fact that MPC already has it as a free plugin (sounds fine, if not the full dynamic range as Behringer’s is likely to have)

Yeah, I have the Arturia Solina, which has this ‘humana’ mode that I really like which wasn’t on the original. I like the Streichfett but I want it to be a little more ‘fett’. I guess I just really like string machines! :joy:

That Solina is going to really tempt me for sure, even though I know I shouldn’t buy it (too much stuff already). Same with the Pro-800.

2023 is turning into a year where I’m most tempted by Behringer gear. Sometimes it really does feel like I’ve entered an alternate universe. Lol.


I can feel a Solina purchase coming on, if only to cover that base. Over the years I’ve collected a few classic stringers such as the Elka Rhapsody, Logan String Melody, Godwin String Concert, Yamaha SS30, Korg Lambda and a few others but the Solina has evaded me thus far. I was supposed to get a very tatty one as ‘payment’ for stepping in at short notice and doing some gigs with a band but they let me down. The one that got away I suppose. My fave of the bunch is the Godwin though, it sounds like lush silk


I know, right? If the Bolca Pro VS ever comes out I might have to go for that.


But does the dream still get fulfilled if it’s behringer and not roland?
Just asking, not judging. I also have this dream :upside_down_face:


Interesting point, I bought several of these rack synths like the Pro One and I did own the original years ago. They sound good but I did not like the form factor and was rather disappointed. The MS101 that I own is different. I really like because it looks close to the original and sounds good. I don’t use the sequencer. Or TD3 which is sooo much fun and I do use the sequencer!

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I’m opposites: wanted an MS-20 and Pro-One for years, but couldn’t justify the size of them in my current living space. K2 and Pro-1 definitely filled those gaps, though I’d still consider a vintage Pro-One if one slid into my sphere (purely nostalgic reasons).

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I actually feel the same way about the Moog Grandmother and the Behringer Model 15, even though the former is not vintage gear. For my purposes, a Grandmother just doesn’t justify the space (or the expense, for that matter) while the planned Behringer kind of fits perfectly in both regards.


Behringer : We have just built another prototype of the Low Pass Filter, equipped with Midi Control.

This isn’t gear-in-progress yet, just testing customer reaction.

Not sure whether this is GIP or a reaction test.

Plus they are continuing with the RS-9 so that’s GIP but still no ship date.

This should have good utility, if this is your thing.

ADDED : Also in the category of GIP but early on is the their interpretation of the Juno 6/60.
They are calling it the Neptune 80 at this point.


Definitely too early for its own thread but OK here. I had posted earlier when they showed sub-assemblies of this, so you can see how recent the work is on this.

You got to hand it to Behringer, with their commitment to the seed engineering, which is an expensive way to go about product evaluation, but on the other hand is probably the best if you have the budget. Lots of flexibility later, especially if you take these design through the early manufacture engineering, as they appear to be doing. And they are still hiring engineering staff as well.