UB-Xa from Behringer

1/3 the price of the new ob-x8 !

Oh really? This is on topic and relevant though?


I think the point is there’s a thread for those discussion (the clone wars thread) so these threads keep their focus on the instruments and not the company

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There is a thread, which underlines my above point. If we are going to flag the virtue signalling then lets be fair and do it from both sides.

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I didn’t flag your post and I generally agree with your point. I think what @avantronica was saying was that those discussions, either for or against aren’t for this thread. (I’m happy for them to correct me if I’m wrong tho)

do that and FLAG a post instead of taking the topic further off-topic

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And 1/4 the quality!

I pre-ordered. Very satisfied with the RD-9 and Pro-800. I love the OB sound.

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1/3 of the price of OBX8
100% more voices
Poly AT

I would say the sound quality will be easily 95% of the way there, and it will be subjective to what one actually sounds better anyway.

Build quality will be about 2/3 as good.

All in all nothing to be sniffed at. It certainly makes the Oberheim look overpriced.

I’m on the fence about the UB-Xa but I think it’s going to be great for fans of the classic OB-X.

Never been a fan of that synth, I’m much more interested in the 2-XM concept, maybe expanded as an 4/8 voices keyboard, 4-XM or 8-XM… I’ll buy that!

But if you hear the Boog comparision with the Original Model D (check out Starsky Carr video) and oscilloscope stuff you will find hardly any difference at all.

I expect there will be hardly any difference with this as well.

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Well, I’m not really lusting for the original so it doesn’t make much difference to me. However, they said “authentic reproduction” so there will be purists with scopes looking to dissect it.

I don’t see why they didn’t just pull a Deepmind: OBX inspired but better because reasons, and put some of those reasons on that spacious front panel. And effects. It would be it’s own synth and just as approachable (if not more) to most of the people that would want one.

The purists are not likely to be satisfied in any event, and it isn’t that likely it will sound exactly like the original for gainstaging reasons.


Too early to say. Wait for the reviews.
I agree i wish they bought out their own product line innovations. Their more than capable.

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Where did you pre order from?


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I think it will be 1390€ European price

considering the prices of other synths on the market, UBxa is in line with price/performance. it is obvious that we are no longer in the “super cheap” category as Uli has accustomed us to. At this point, however, I can no longer overlook manufacturing defects, poorly programmed firmware, unresponsive customer service, etc. Now I demand that Behringer takes care of customers like other manufacturers do. I point out this didn’t happen with the Wing mixer

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could you send that pre-order link? :rofl:
can’t seem to find it anywhere

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I called my rep directly. You can ask for Jordan Garrett. I’m 45th in line. No idea how many were initially ordered.


PolyAT keys is one thing, alright, and what can polyAT more particularly modulate? filter cut-off? LFO speed? Perhaps, they will implement MPE at some point.

Both Prophet 10 rev4 and OB-X8 can interpret polyAT and route it to what would normally be controlled by channel AT, that is mainly filter cut-off. Obviously, you still need a polyAT capable controller for this purpose.