Tweaking the MnM arp via MIDI?

Is it possible to tweak the MnM arp window parameters via MIDI? (Speed, mode, etc.)

I assume the answer is no, as the manual doesn’t say word one about it, but I’d like to be wrong. Anyone?

I wish. Tell me if you find it/

I’d love Elektron to do a couple of tweaks on the MnM sequencer - it would be my favourite then

I went hunting through the SysEx a couple weeks ago looking for the arp settings, and there are none. It’s a bummer.

You could try hooking your Mono up to a PC using C6 and then launching a program like Midi-OX. Midi-OX will display if the Mono is spitting out Midi as you change the arp settings. This is a classic way of sniffing out Midi messages so it might be worth a shot.

Don’t think it’s possible to tweak arp with midi. But you can program few blank pattern with already prepared arps. So you can use multimap edit to recall them. Each pattern offers you multi arp possibilities… If it can help you.

Resurrecting this old thread in the odd event that someone has figured out a way to remotely control the arp settings!


Where is it?

Best workaround I’ve found is to externally control whatever parameters i’d normally be tweaking and stay on the arp page to mess with those settings at the same time. got some crazy results!