Turning steps on and off

If I have a pattern programmed on the digitone, is there no way to remove some of the notes from the pattern and then add them back in? If i turn off a plock, when i turn it back on, the note data is gone.

I’m trying to have a set pattern and be able to start a song with only half of the notes playing, and then gradually introduce the rest.

copy and paste your pattern to 2 pattern slots.

shut off the trigs you don’t want in the first pattern and then advance to the next pattern/s as you need them

Just p-lock the volume of a trig you want to mute to zero should do the job. “Unmuting” is then done by removing the volume p-lock again (press the corresponding encoder).


Or you set your trigs to fill mode and when you press PAGE your notes will be played.

(Press and hold [PAGE] + [YES], and then release [PAGE] before you release [YES] to latch FILL mode. Press [PAGE] again to unlatch FILL mode.)


it’s frustrating that i can’t just use it like a tr style sequencer, but thank you all for yr suggestions! appreciate the help.

Can’t you just reload your pattern ? At least that’s how I do. Also, what TR are refering to ? Mine is TR-8S and it works more or less the same in this aspect.

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As I’m only improvising within one pattern on my synths, this is a feature I miss aswell. And as all sequencers I’ve been working with keep note values on a step even if you disable the step in the Sequencer, it will be very frustrating until I learned that Elektron sequencers work different.
It would be great to be able to switch between those two modes.

As mentioned earlier by @knh, the FILL mode (or it’s complementary /FILL mode) can be used to activate (respectively deactivate) steps that have been programmed as such, and this for all the tracks at the same time (search manual for TRIG CONDITIONS).

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I think that having a ‘default note’ is left over from drum machine mentality but I’ve never found it a great fit for synths like the A4 and Digitone. Removing a note trig should, ideally, not remove the underlying note value once you’ve gone to the trouble of adding one, but it’s the Elektron way and unlikely to change. Fortunately my other sequencers work in the expected way.


Or any other locked param then

  • you can set a 0% step probability, then remove it when you want the step back.
  • you can change the volume to zero then turn it back up
  • you can copy the plock into the buffer, then copy and delete it, when you need it back paste it

I’d prefer it not to lose stuff unless you explicitly cleared it. Then again I’d prefer the track buttons to be ‘mutes’ rather than ‘selects’ (with Func + Track doing the select) so I’m all backwards as far as the Elektron Way is concerned.

Well, this is not an issue on the ‘pro’ A4/AR e.g. as these have a Trig Mute lane per track !

slight workaround for @smokyfrog too perhaps

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I never use that - it just never captured my imagination. Actually I sequence my A4 from my Octatrack as it makes more sense to use the OT as the center of this little setup. I don’t use the sequencer of my Digitone either, although now it has individual track multipliers it is more attractive.

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Same, I would like to see new machines with a toggle button for mute/select, on existing machines I’d like an option in global to set the default functionality of the track buttons.

Edit: Thinking further on the step mute idea, a possible request might be track button and trig to mute selected steps when in step edit.

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going to be messy copying track sounds which relies on Track+Rec etc - don’t see that happening tbh even as an option

I’d personally use the fill mode suggested earlier.

But you could also create a sound that has no volume / very long attack / zero velocity . Assign this to the steps you want to ‘mute’

When you want to reintroduce specific steps just select the sound from the sound pool you want to use and assign it to the step and it’ll bleep/ping as you want

Maybe but not necessarily - if rec is pressed first before track, or maybe a short tap is mute a longer hold is select.

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well, that has its own issues too - but it’s not me that needs convincing :wink:

I’d maybe FR :3lektron: a double Tap suggestion to mute toggle - strike that - it opens browser !! doh

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Yah I’m just postulating the idea really, however button scanning routines could be tweaked for duration to determine function, eg long press, short press, double tap etc, but yeah can get complicated both from a user and implementation viewpoint. :smile:

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