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Quick question (i hope)

I often use this website to convert ie. a 100 BPM sample to 130 BPM on the Digitakt. Works like a charm. Now on Rytm, the values don’t match. There’s Tune and Finetune instead of just one knob. Is there anyone who can give me a formula to bypass this? The manual talks about 4 octaves on Tune, but ie. a value of +2.62 semitones is hard to do, since I can do +2 semitones only. Would I need to calculate the range difference of the fine-tune knob since that’s 127 vs 100?

TUN (Tune) sets the pitch of the sample in equivalents of chromatic semitones. To move faster, press the knob while turning it. The knob works in a bipolar fashion, with 0, north, leaving the pitch unchanged. Range (-24–+24), equivalent to four octaves.
FIN (Fine Tune) fine tunes the pitch of the sample. This parameter is an offset from the TUN parameter. The knob works in a bipolar fashion. The whole range (-64–+63) spans one semitone down and one semitone up.

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Or is this one of the intented differences. You can’t reverse a sample neither.
It honestly works, because Im feeling like using my digitakt for samples now :smiley:

so that shows this

You’d use

Tun 4
Fin 0.54 x 64 … [ = 34.56 so you need to specify an integer here 34 or normally 35 ]


Tun 5
Fin (1 - 0.54) x -64

This is approximate as it depends how the Elektron guys handled the asymmetry of the Fine tune internally (e.g. iirc Roland typically loose one step of ‘precision’ on one side, by limiting those bipolar ranges to + / - 63 (i.e. 127 possible values as opposed to 128 possible values))

Plus the calculation will need rounding up or down, so if you do this and it doesn’t sound like it fits then nudge the fine either side of the estimation

It may be better to use 63 in those calculations

but my recollection of Elektron’s approach is that they favour the -64=50% range such that 63=49.2% range, so some values e.g. fine tune may not quite reach the next semitone

i’ve not tried this on the device, but it will get you in the right ballpark to fine tune by ear

it’s intended to be a simple and fast UX on the device - nothing to read into it

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Maybe this technique can be of use to you on occasion

Yeah thanks! On the Rytm it’s more like it’s in Ableton as well, tuning to key is much more important on a drum machine than it might be on a sampler.

Thanks for taking the time, I was close!

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