Tubbutec 6m0d6 and 6quencer Eurorack

Goes well with their 6equencer | tubbutec


Cool! Nice extended sound palette, snare sounds really good. :slight_smile:

Indeed ! Looking forward for this little thing !

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Hats sound more like DR-110 to me, might just be the settings used though, don’t seem to have the bite in these clips.

Still, nice sounding regardless.

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Has some really good features. Particularly the chord mode input on the square waves.

Does anyone one know of a small euro case that would fit the module and sequencer to make a standalone drum machine?

Closest I can think of is the intellijel palette. Could be good to throw this in with a small synth or effects modules.

4ms cases? should change 6quencer 1u version to 3u


Yeah, 4ms Pods

3U version of the 6equencer module is 20mm deep, 6 HP, 6m0d6 is 25mm deep, 24 HP.
Depth is not including power connector.

The 4ms Pod32 should fit them both, although 33mm max module depth might not be enough.

Pod34x has 55mm module depth.

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would be awesome to have this with their sequencer and the Intellijel Atlantis. 101 and 606 in one small euro case. :+1:

it’s available as both a 1u tile and 3u.

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Pretty cool that you can chain the 6equencer modules and essentially extend max pattern length (two 6equencer=32 steps etc., max 4 can be chained).
If I’d plan on working with two or more, I’d probaply get the 1U version as it would allow the chaselight to run from left to right, from one module to the next.

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that’s what I was thinking too :upside_down_face:
and the new dreadbox as Juno and a vector sequencer for bringing all home.
Sigh. Gets expensive quickly :see_no_evil:

The Intellijel scales has a 101 style sequencer, guess that would be cool in this kind of rack


Also throw in the Intellijel Metropolix and a few System 100m clone modules…

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Yeah, dreams might come true some day :wink:
I planned the roland style rack many times on modular grid.

This module fans the flames once more


If I was making more electro, I’d be all over this. The MIDI CC spec is great. Brings a big feature I wish the Acidlab Drumatix had. But the jury is still out on the hats, need to hear more.

I could see pairing this with a Digitone Keys and a couple Alesis micro limiters and just going to town.


Post on Facebook this morning:


very cool, but with case and sequence it becomes quite expensive for a drum machine I guess.
Makes more sense if you build a system anyway