Triglostek : Self Powered DinSync24 to Trig for Elektron machines


Hi, i made a little batch of these utilities to use it with my A4 and my eurorack…

The Triglostek is a self-powered DinSync24 to trigger converter,
to sync an eurorack to a DinSync24 device (Elektron Analog machines or Roland vintage Drum machine ie. Tr808). It needs no extra power supply .
It features a clock divider which can divide the clock by /3, /6, /24 and /48,
selectable thanks to a jumper.!


Be careful what you wish for :wink:

This is great for AR and A4 too (even though the A4 can serve up divided pulses by CV, this utilises an otherwise potentially unused DIN port and saves a CV Track for more funky stuff)

@haiku-ish - you may want your title(or text) to reflect that the DN/DT have DIN Sync Out too, so this works for those as well

Very neat btw


Full disclosure: I’m working on something very similar to this, in fact I started on it last year, but due to other stuff never got past the breadboard stage, it is based on existing designs that I make but was modified for specifically exactly what yours is - powered from the host machine, dividing sync24 down.

Still, I would be interested to see yours but the page won’t load on safari or chrome, I can’t even get to the home page


Ok got the page to load now, looks almost exactly what I had in mind, I guess I’ll shelve mine or do something different, nice neat job there - guessing you used attiny?


strange… the site is working fine from here (France)
maybe try without the https (

my divider is pic based (12f508) like the self powered white noise generator i did a few years ago for adding noise to Moog Minitaurs.


Cool, I couldn’t see a link to purchase on the page BTW, as @avantronica said this will probably work just fine on all the other Elektron machines with dinsync (including the AHeat) and of course will be handy for people wanting to sync pocket operators to the Elektron gear too.


for now it’s available at Schneidersladen in Berlin
also available at House of sound in switzerland


Great price and I appreciate the minimalistic design too, everything that is needed with no added complexity, nice small footprint, these are also considerations that I take into account when making stuff too.

Best of luck with it :thup:


Thank you Darenager !


i can’t see it on the picture - are the pins for soldering a start/stop cable to it accessible? would be perfect…


No, the pins let you solder all the divisions ( /3, /6, /24, 48) to external jacks if you wish