Trigless locks vs trigless trigs


exactly what it says - can someone explain these concepts to a noob?
talk to me like im 5yo. thanks…

Introducing Digitakt

I made this many moons ago. Every once in a while it becomes useful again. Low production values, but hope it helps.

Goodbye trigless locks. Hello lock trigs

mate i was in the process of posting a link to your video to say never mind because this guy explains it perfectly. huge help, thanks.


Heh, nice :slight_smile: thanks!


Nice. I added this to my Octatrack Mindmap Index

FYI I also have a mindmap summarizing all the Trig types and how to switch modes here


this is awesome.


Thanks mark, great mind maps


Great job Mark, thanks. I have listen some of your recordings by the way :wink: , great ambients.