Triggering songs live (song mode)?

i have a couple shows coming up ( live hardware gig) and i want to use the analog rytm to play my songs live, but i need guidance. a lot of my songs werent created/saved on the rytm, but i have a master bounces of them (entire song), so i plan to load them onto the rytm pads as a sample (c6), and trigger each song on the rytm (via pads).

heres some info and how i want to approach the set:

essentially, i want to play around 8 songs or more live. I was thinking, is it possible to load one song on each pad, having one project contain the whole DJ set (8+ pads filled up, one song per pad). if there was enough space, i could hypothetically have 12 songs in one project, one for each pad. i was thinking about doing this setup in song mode, so i could pre-input the tempo for each pad/song. EX: i can preset song 1 (130 bpm) pad 1 tempo to 130 bpm, and song 2 (160 bpm) pad 2 tempo to 160 bpm. This way i can use delays and effects/lfo that are sync’d when i trigger a new song/pad, and it will maintain its original pitch since i preset it as the right tempo (no out of sync tempo since without song mode, the project would have the same tempo between pads/songs (i.e, default 120 bpm)). when i transition between songs i will launch another pad, fade it in and/or do effects processing.

heres my issue: i know the sample memory is only about 1gb, so im not sure if this is possible. As .wav files, a 3:30 song would be about 35mb. also would a single pad be able to trigger a 3:30 song? i am very familiar with sampling on the rytm but of course my absolute longest imported samples (when making tracks/patterns on the machine) have only been 10-15 seconds.

im pretty desperate to figure this out as i dont have much time. all help is greatly appreciated!!!

You can’t save the Tempo in a preset / project

keep in mind you only have 64 MB per project (IIRC),

I thought using the pads would be good for this purpose but you quickly hit a brick wall in terms of what you can do on a single project

the AR is really more well suited to one shots and short clips

i meant in the song mode you can set a tempo for each “song”, right?

any suggestions given my setup what i should do…

If you’re not able to get something with more sample storage, my suggestion to you would be try to pick a few shorter loops from each of your songs to serve as the backbone, then try to recreate the rest of it live. This is more fun and interesting anyways.

When I did this I would just put all my loops in sequential order accross the patterns then slowly transition through them. You can name your patterns with the tempo so you know what they’re suppose to be at then you’ll know what to adjust the tempo to between songs, it can be a pretty cool way to transition if you keep a couple elements playing from one song as you bring in the elements of the next one.

No, tempo is never saved anywhere, you have to manually change it

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yes that sounds good. im wondering now that i may need 2-3 projects to fit all my songs/loops. having to transition between projects without sound ending/loading times seems impossible… any way to smoothly transition between projects here?

could i use the banks to have more songs per project? (more pads, more options?)

Don’t have the Rytm, but 64mb storage per project, right?
You could use one project per track (which doesn’t make much sense, cause you’d have to load a new project for each track you want to play) and still 64 mb isn’t so much if you want to use backing tracks.

Why not use the Rytm mostly for drums and get something to fire up your wav files?

true my equipment is limited right now i think my main issue here is how can i get as many loops/ songs in one, single project (so i dont have to load during set)…

When I performed with it I just put my different songs in the same project. Each song was maybe 4-6 patterns with 10 or so second loops on each pattern. Then I tried to program the rest of the parts that I wasn’t playing in real time.

Mind you my set was only 30 minutes long

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Like @Wolfyx says, try to use short loops and try to use as many one shots as you can.
When you run out of space -> new project :slight_smile:

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Yes, and I image you have some other synth you’ll be using @AFX?
You can always pad transitions while loading projects with a big chords from a different synth or just a long reverb on your mixer or something

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ah so in your single project, in real time, you removed/added samples and loops in order to not max out space and cue up different songs/patterns as you went along?

yeah im planning on using a delay pedal and maybe even a looper for transitions if it gets sticky

I don’t know what kind of music you play, but why not at least get a mono synth with sequencer?
Rytm can send program changes with each pattern change I think(?) If the synth has enough patch/seq memory, good, if not you can also just switch patterns by hand.

will do when i get a good mono synth and sequencer lol. im looking at a korg sq-1 right now

I loaded all the samples in ahead of time, all relatively short, maybe 10 seconds long. Across 6 songs all laid out on the patterns in sequential order I’d be playing them. I probably had 24 patterns in all.

Then I also had a lot drums sounds (the AR sound engine) programmed in ahead of time. Mostly I used mutes, fades, scenes, perf and retrig to do live stuff with the AR. But I also was using my A4 to play synth leads and pads in real time over top

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Would def be easier with a serious sampler tho

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