Triggering Digitone Chords via MIDI

Hello all,

So I’ve got a Digitone on order and have one question that I couldn’t quite figure out from the manual or any online demos.

With the Digitone’s chord edit / scale feature … are you able to use an external MIDI keyboard to trigger chords or use specific scales on the Digitone?

For example, I have a MIDI keyboard hooked up and the Chord Edit feature set to Min7. Now when I hit a D key on the external keyboard it will trigger a four note Dmin7 chord on the Digitone instead of just a D.

Does it work this way, or is the Chord Edit feature only for inputting notes in the sequencer? Thanks for the help!

I don’t know about the chords, it might actually work that way.

What I DID discover is that, if I had a midi controller running to the DN and midi coming from the DN to whatever, set to a particular scale, the DN actually filtered out notes played outside of that scale.

For chords- I’d assume that it’s mostly an interface tool than a midi implementation- but it IS possible that I’m wrong on that account.

I can’t test it, but I wanted to give some insight into your query until someone with more knowledge can give a more definitive answer

dunno if this is a help but i’m using ios app chordpadpoly to trigger chords in the DN via midi

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Not sure if this is what you are asking, but…
the KB Chord feature only works with the digitone’s trig/keys keyboard, not external controllers or other midi commands. However, you can play it live, it is not just for entering sequences.

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That is precisely what I wanted to know. Thanks so much for the help. Much appreciated!

:+1: can confirm what @charbot wrote . just tried it myself.

the only thing is: out of scale notes are filtered out from external midi input on auto channel, if you use a scale setting on DN

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I really wish you could use a midi keyboard to do the KB Chord thing, its a shame thats not possible.

When you say filtered out, does this mean out of scale notes just don’t pass through at all or are out of scale notes remapped to the nearest in scale note but still passes through?