Triggering AR sounds via Midi with SPD-SX. How to set up?


Hi elektronauts!

As a midi beginner and untalented technician I have a question for you.

I want to use a midi connection to play AR sounds on my Roland SPD-SX with the sticks (play AR like a real drum). For example I want to play the AR-Snare-Drum on Pad 1 of the SPD-SX, the AR-Hi-Hat on Pad 2, etc. Later I might want to use an SPD pad to start and stop an AR beat.

I know that this works and there are already many forum entries to this topic. But I don’t really get along with the manuals, the forum entries. I think I lack the basic knowledge and despair slowly but surely :sweat:.

Is there somewhere on the internet a complete step-by-step guide for dummies like me somewhere that tells me what I have to set on both devices to make this work (midi channels, midi notes, settings where in the systems etc.)? I’ve read through the manuals, browsed the Internet and tried the devices. But somehow I don’t manage to set the settings correctly.

Or what do I have to do to understand how this works?:unamused:

I am really sorry for this stupid request!


Maybe here you can find some answers…


Thanks a lot, there must have been a strang bug in the AR or the SPD. Today it worked without changeing anything.

But one more question: Does anyone know, if it is possible to start and stop the AR with an SPD-SX pad?


only if it can be configured to send a transport message - some midi controllers allow this flexibility, most omit flexible transport options