Trigger with midi

It’s possible to trigger envelope / lfo with midi, sending an Envelope Threshold CC16, with a 0 value, and a 127 value before.
I set an middle envelope mode (AR / AD).

A specific CC and / or any Note > trigger option would better, but it works.

I think it’s possible switching Envelope Mode too, but it doesn’t seem practical.


Actually, it doesn’t work properly.
Change trigger mode (AD, AR, FLW) can work too but I experienced some delay.
The best I experimented is CV control by A4…
Analog Heat : Drum synthesis and sequencing
…following @qlamerand advice.
“Hybrid synth“ using AH and Keystep

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Told you i couldn t get it to work right :wink:

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It is possible to trigger with midi, but there is latency, and you can’t trigger very often.
With an offset and trigging every half bar it should be doable.
I suppose if it was working right Elektron would have implemented a midi message.

A midi to CV thing should work, as it works with A4’s CV.

I also tried audio signal in the CV input. It worked, but I don’t remember what was unsatisfying apart from using OT CUE OUT only for that!

Solutions for sure! :wink: