Trigger LED not working

My brand new Digitone started acting up.
LED on trigger button 7 sometimes changes color from white to blue.
When it should be red it does not light at all.
Can it be a software bug or should I send it for repair?
I’m on OS 1.21
Any advice would be appreciated.

best way to see if it’s a hardware issue is to run Test Mode (hold Fn whilst starting up DN) - it should allow you to see all colours for each iluminated button

Be careful about which options you select in that start-up menu - backup first if unsure

Enter Test Mode (usually 1) and then the respective keys will do various tests of screen UI elements etc (on other devices it is keys 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc which test screen and then LEDs)

The same problem with new device 1.21c ((

Speak to support about that via your account on

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I have just received my Digitone and it has the similar problem with one of its trig buttons: it should lit white but it is yellow (probably blue led doesn’t work). Has anyone contacted support about this issue? What did they answer?

It was a hardware fault. Mine was replaced under warranty.

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