Trigger from incoming MIDI-note is different from internal trigger

i try to make a drone with very long attack on amp … when i trigger the notes from the digitones sequencer it works all pretty fine.

But on incomming MIDI-notes the behavior of the trigger is different. the attack of the envelope is much faster …

in both cases the clock comes trom the DAW (bitwig or live)

i would prefere to bring in the notes from the daw instead of sequencing them with the step sequenzer … but i wann have the same long attack as the internal trigger produces … any hints?


Are you using the same velocity when triggering the notes externally?

yep - the main difference is the speed of the envelopes … when triggering from the daw i cant get as slow as triggering from the internal sequencer

Hmmmm. Unless you are plocking envelope parameters with the internal sequencer there shouldn’t be any difference at all. The envelope gets triggered and behaves as it is configured.

Or is your question about how to simulate plocked envelope parameters from external?

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Try a new project … this really shouldn‘t be that way. Makes absolutely no sense.

ok. started from scratch and now its now the same … thx for your inputs

i think, there was some parameter-look and cc-conflict