Trig key stays lit on


I bought the OT about 2 months ago and i noticed during sessions lasting for some hours that the trig key 1 stays lit in a dim green colour after a certain time of use.

Changing project doesn’t make it go. Neither does a restart.
Somehow at some point, switching off the unit and removing the CF card made it go away but it reappeared not long after. Even after 10 mn off it was still here.
I also tried the Test Mode, same problem. It can display all different coulours but when it is supposed to stay off it keeps dim green.

Here’s a video to show the issue:

Did it happen to anyone?

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Re. (Willow)
Is is just an active led problem or there’s a trigless lock (dim led)?
It seems a led problem…

In Test Mode, trig 1 and 2 are used to check the screen.

I’m not sure to understand the question.

The problem is that whit or without active trig or trigless lock, the dim green light is still there.

I am inclined to think it’s a led problem that occurs afters some hours of use.


Hello. I have the same 100% problem, but with trig 7. Do you found how to solve this?
Here`s a video

When the led is always lit (even in a new project or in test mode), then its time to open a support ticket.

Warranty is the way… I opened a support ticket and the told me to go that way. Not very comforting about the quality of the MKII.

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Thanks. Support tells to send device back to the shop. During 1 day shop support diagnose bug and replaced trig. In the next day they sended it to me. Very fast support.

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Lucky you. I sent back my OT to the shop on the 16th of July and got it back a week ago… On the 9th of september, without any previous news from them I got an email saying: “We can’t reproduce the bug, Elektron says it should come from a wrong project”.
I read the mail two days after, they had already sent the device back to me without even changing the damned LED…
Seriously, how much and how long do you need to change a simple LED? Buying brand new stuff doesn’t even guarantee the quality, at this price it’s embarassing…

So you’ve got OT back already and the goddamned trig is still faulty?
Send it back directly to Elektron if the shop is too frivolous.