Traveling South America! What to bring?


Yea, I’m just at the point where I’m debating bringing a big jacket or just rolling with a light rain jacket. Maybe a sweater. haha

I’d for sure love to join you in your hometown if I make it around there.

I’ll check out those apps. Thanks for the advice!


Yea, I wish I could take my whole studio, but Ipad will work for now.


Can’t wait!!


@slupchips no DAW (although Beatmaker 3 can be used in some ways like a DAW and you can record the audios of all those apps with Audioshare). I record everything in tape with a Tascam and use Ableton Live 10 for two-track edition.


You mentioned wanting to only bring 1 thing, but if it was me I would bring the Op-1, Op-z & ipad. Yea you can accomplish a lot with just 1 of those, but all 3 combined are smaller & lighter than an OT.

I’m the type that likes to bounce around tho, just an Op-1 or just an Op-z wouldn’t be enough for me if it’s a week or longer trip.

Have fun!!!