Traveling South America! What to bring?


So I’ve decided to venture off into South America for a few months, maybe longer. And I need help deciding what to bring along. I have a killer home studio right now, but I realize it won’t all fit into my suitcase. Ideally, I would like to keep things as minimal possible.

Currently, I own most elektron boxes, op-z, op-1, Ipad Pro 2nd gen and Mac-Pro w/ Live 9. I’d prefer to stick with one device that I can shlep around with me.

I’m thinking I want to use the op-z with Ipad Pro. But, I’m not sure how capable it is to produce full fledged tracks. I’m also considering taking the OT Mk1, but again is it worth the extra weight? Perhaps, I should buy a Deluge?

Decisions…Decisions…Help Plzzzz

P.S. I will post shortly a crazy list of all my gear that is for sale. It’s probably best that it finds a good home rather than sitting in storage.


Honestly no one needs more than an iPad with all the apps available. Throw an opz/1 in the mix and you’re good.

Does the opz have a mic? Good field recording potential there…


Maybe just pack your hiking boots and maybe a camera! And if you go all the way down to Ushuaia / the end of the world a rain jacket could be good. Enjoy!

I‘m always taking my ipad with some music apps with me, but never really used it to make music.


Hi i think it depends on where you want to go traveling and what is your kind of plan to say something or if you now somebody to chill or a basement.

you have to take care of some details. vs your need to carry much gear. or the way you make musik portability is apreciated.

  1. humidity and rain. ex if you go to some places like Palenque, Tikal, Amazonia, Cusco or Brazil or Amazonia…

  2. if you plan to play live go compact! be aware of the crime! travelling and flying is risky a lot of lost baggage and equipment on the airports. theft by the airline personal.

  3. i recomend a good sampler with sequencer a field recording machine :slight_smile: as stated the ipad, maybe the laptop is too much but it can be helpful depending on your needs!

hope this helps nice trip!


The Op-Z has an ok mic I think. I’ll just stick with that.


I’m going to want to make something…Thanks for the travel tip though


Thank you. I think I need a setup that is versatile to produce full tracks when necessary. I think I’m going with Ipad, Mac and Op-Z.


Great you’re done with this just another tip

Try to get a really good backpack for the gear padded and not so big semi stealth or not luxury stuff more functionality than look that can go with you on the Plane always


Or in the jungle:)


I would say iPad + something more tactile.
Never owned any of the TE stuff, but OP-1 or OP-Z might be good options. or both?
or iPad + Digitakt, since you can easily sequence iPad synths via USB (I own both of these and they’re a fun, compact combo)

also, two small gadgets which I use a lot: Behringer UCA 222 (to have an input on iPad - quality is not great, but it’s super cheap and portable) and there’s a series of portable zoom microphones that you connect directly via lightning port - if you’re into field recordings, they’re pretty great and I bet you can get one used for cheap.


Bring a zoom H1n - compact, relatively cheap and you can record long passages of anything. Also provides a much better line in audio than the Op1 mic.

Gearwise … iPad + op1 would be my go-to items.

Bring a Kingston mobilelite if you have one to transfer/archive between the op-1 and Cubasis on the iPad

And bring a few large ziplock bags to put your precious items in to save from humidity/wet drops.

Roli lightblock m is a pretty good very compact drum/note pad if you need tactile tapping


Fully agree!

I bought an old iPad 2 for €50 and use patterning on it. I imported lots of my own sample libraries and synth one-shots and it’s rediculously capable. It has song mode, like in the OT or AR, and is due to that able to create fully fledged tracks. It’s enough to create half-finished songs or sketches to then finalize in a DAW. More than enough and nothing i’m too precious about if stolen or damaged during travel.

OP’s iPad pro with an OP-Z should be more than enough. Plus, you’ll be drinking lots of booze and up to all kids of mischief during your trip, leaving you with less time than you think for music making. Enjoy! :laughing:


Hi @slupchips! Happy that you will visit us.

As you will travel a lot, I obviously recommend that you travel as light as possible. The OP-Z + Ipad Pro combo is perfect (specially if you get an audio interface to record your works in the OP-Z). Used a similar setup last year in Japan (and Pocket Operators for some live gigs that I had there) and it was perfect.

I also like the idea of a field recording machine (my favorite one is the Tascam DR-40) - definitely lots of crazy sounds and sample material here.

Be aware that as you´ll probably change from country to country, they can have different airport/import policies about electronic stuff. Nothing radical or extreme (probably _less_strict than in US or EU) but I advise minimalism. Again, OP-Z + iPad combo is simpler to explain than big Elektrons.

“Humidity wise” , it really depends of where you are going.

Definitely is a misconception that South America is a massive jungle. For example, the state that I live in Brazil (Minas Gerais) is bigger than France and is very dry - indeed, the biggest cities in Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte (where I am based), are thousands of kilometers far away from Amazon and have a climate more akin to California than a wet rainforest. However, it´s true that if you are looking for Amazon and the northern side of Brazil you should come prepared.

However, as a general rule, I would focus on light wear, specially if you are coming after August. Even if you are traveling in the next weeks, don´t expect snow unless you are going to obvious areas (ex: Chile and Argentina ski resorts).

And if come to my hometown, give me a shout! :slight_smile:


What DAW IOS do you use for this?


Thanks @aeoner !

I’m excited to get going and start exploring the great continent. Definitely going with OP-Z and Ipad Pro route right now. If you have any must have apps, please let me know…

I’ll probably start off in Colombia and make my way down to Peru, Bolivia, Brasil and Argentina when the weather warms up a bit.

If I come by, I hope you have some elektrons to jam with!


Amazing, @slupchips. I´m sure that you´ll do an amazing trip. Take your time. Argentina and Chile can be cold in the winter, but if you wanna visit the biggest brazillian cities the winter is probably the best time. Sunny and mild hot days, cold nights.

In my hometown you´ll visit one of the most fascinating open contemporary museums and garden in the world: Inhotim ( If you come here we´ll for sure jam with the Digitone and maybe a Machinedrum! :slight_smile:

I had an iPad for some years, sold it and got a new one (the late 2018 simpler version) and I´m impressed with the actual music app ecosystem. Everything is integrated, smooth and functional. You should get AUM for interconnecting the music apps - AudioShare is also a very good utility app.

From there, it depends.

I´m liking a lot the Model D and the Model 15 Moog apps; Beatmaker 3 is better than MPC Live - and with Samplr and Borderlands you dive into beautiful ambient areas. Audulus 3 is a very powerful modular environment that you should also give a look - good for the long flights!



I only use Patterning (v 1) get v 2 if you have a newer iOS. Sample banks on iCloud storage.

There are other capable mini DAWs like iMaschine and even some well known artists use GarageBand :slight_smile:

Of course none stand in comparison with Elektron gear but it’s enough to keep you busy and stimulated / creative during a trip.


Brazilian here, if you are going to visit my country, be aware of your stuff! Enjoy your trip! There is sooo much beauty to be experienced in South America :heavy_heart_exclamation:


I am from the Amazon, humidity is not a concern if you are spending just few weeks… Yeah its moist, but not enough to damage anything in a couple of weeks… :slight_smile:


if you come to Buenos Aires you can DM me, maybe we can do some music or at the very least I can let you know if there are any interesting concerts going on :slight_smile: