Trap beats and gating/stuttering on digitone?

Hey everyone,
I’m fairly new to the Digitone and having a lot of fun with it. I have been trying to make some trap beats. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to gate or stutter individual or groupings of trigs. I tried adjusting the parameter lengths on some trigs to 1/8 or just making them shorter than the rest of the trigs… it sorta worked but didn’t really sound right. Do you think I could somehow do this by adjusting the LFO of an individual trig? I’m not really sure. Would love any clues or tips!

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For hi hats and snares? Trap stuff?
open the arp and mess with the subdivisions. Then Save your sound. Then Plock your sound per step for 32nd note rolls, 64ths, etc…
pretty easy to do. works great with drum sounds, havnt experimented with different sounds, but that should be cool too.
This is sort of the Digitone Retrig workaround… and it works great.


to be more clear, i mean open up the arpeggiator page

Plock every 2nd step to have the volume all the way down.

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Cool trick! I think I may have gotten it to work (?) thank you for your help.