Transpose sent MIDI note values

On the Rytm when MIDI sequencing I’m getting these MIDI note values 12, 24, 36, 48, 60 (Rytm Note values -24, -12, 0, 12, 24). They are too low for my synth. Can these values somehow be transposed one-two octaves up in the Rytm setup?

there’s no way to do that internally

What’s the decision behind it being so low? In terms of note names the Rytm’s MIDI range is C0 - C4 (middle C being C3).
Can this maybe be fixed in future AR OS updates?

the AR likely won’t be changed in this regard, it’s possible a feature request may hold some sway but i wouldn’t be sure as the MIDI side is a bare bones tack on - it’s really something I’d assume they’d imagine you’d work on if it wasn’t convenient as is within a DAw or using a midi processor of some description

not what you want to hear, but it is what it is i guess- i suppose they didn’t want a split range as the lowest notes are the preferred way to offer access to all tracks on any midi chan

I’m not using AR’s MIDI send note values functionality with a DAW but with a hardware Vermona analogue synth which doesn’t allow me to transpose incoming MIDI. In fact there is no computer involved other than for simply checking MIDI values with “MIDI Monitor”. For the purpose of computer-free pure hardware setup it would make sense to consider adjusting the MIDI note range via a feature request as it’s not consistent when compared with the Octatrack which can output 5 octaves starting with Note C1 MIDI number 24, going all the way up to C5 MIDI 72.

It may also be worth looking at Eurorack sequencer standards, Metropolis’ pitch CV range is 0…5V, Eloquencer’s range is 0…10V - so no negative values here, but with Yarns and AR’s current MIDI range I’m getting -2V…+2V.


The beauty of the AR and Vermona synth is that is a compact and decent Acid hardware setup, but currently limited to 2 Octaves on the Vermona.

Just a thought on Yarns, bi/unipolarity and v/Oct differences- Is it possible to configure offset depending on connected instrument? FH-2 by Expert sleepers allows presets.
Doesn’t add anything to midi range on Rytm, I’m side tracking because I’m struggling to remember and handle different ranges as well and it’s a shore especially with midi to cv conversion :sweat_smile: