Transition trick - fader question

I have started to use the legendary transition trick and it works great, especially with one shot trigger. One question about fader - what is happening with the sound between scenes A and B? When i move the scene fader from left to right (transition from recorded part to the other scene) there is a strange sonic part in the middle of crossfader… i expect that transition between the scenes will be fluent without this “middle point”. How to avoid that? Is it normal?

• what are you sampling? meaning…MAIN, CUE, specific TRACK?
• what have you locked to SCENES? meaning…VOL, XVOL, XLEV…?

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thnks for a quick answer

i’m sampling main out. scenes are locked exactly as XVOL (max / min) as on tarekith last video.

are you referring to this

I would suggest you to use CUE or MASTER track as sampling sourc SRC3 and not the MAIN…for the aforementioned issues.

i am trying to sample a THRU machine and listening at the same time the recorded audio.
Having the crossfader in middle introduces really tiny subtle phase issues…but this is fair enough.

Can you better check your Scenes? maybe some other parameters got locked without you being aware of this.

i noticed that also. It is a tiny part between scene a and b even when sampling master track or cue out. It only occurs when going from the sampled loop back to all the channels. I think it is because in the middle the volume of a sampled loop is equally loud as the playing channels you sampled resulting in a slight boost in volume. I use this transition trick allot and i avoid this with quick transition between the same sampled loop and active channels. But i mainly use the resampled loop to mangle its brains out and then return to original all active channels. You can see what i mean on this video i made.

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

yes, to this video.
i will record this to show exactly what i mean. it’s not tiny subtle phase issue.
the scene is clear, no other param. locks

Hey man about that middle part… I get this problem only when going back to the same channels I resampled. When going back to another patteren with different sounds I dont get that issue in the middle. Check tarekith’s youtube channel. There is another video of transition trick if you haven’t already.

guys…try to keep levels coherent…i mean by this:find the right TrkLevel for the Buffer in order to dont have bumps in volume when i the middle position.

anyway i’ll give a try with 7 Statics on one side and the 7-tracks sampling buffer on the other scene-side.

hi guys,

got pretty heavy phasing issues as well when using this transition trick thing (obviously only when original material is the same as recorded material).

another thing that bothers me: when using track 8 as master track and putting some effects there, the effects are being recorded too (appears when recording from either main out or track 8). this means when playing back the recorded track (fader all left), effects are being “doubled”. is there an option to record tracks pre/post effetcs, or how do you guys manage this?

i prefer to use cue personally. i thru my inputs and just cue up the segments i wish to loop. good when you wanto to loop everything but the drums for expample. then fade to the recording and bring in the new tracks drums and fade to the new track. more control basically

i have several sources routed into input A/B (synth, hats & percussion coming from a subchannel on my mixer), plus some samples playing on the octatrack. the main out of the OT goes back to the mixer on a seperate channel. i set the input A/B levels via the OT mixerpage, which works fine so far. now i want to record all of whats being played via the octatrack for making some smooth transitions.

on the OT, i have track8 as master track with some effects on it. i set flexmachine track7 to record main out via src3: master track effects are being recorded as well. tried also track8 as scr3, but no difference. guess i have to setup some more crazy routing with the thru machines to grab the audiosignal before its being processed by mastertrack effects, but that means giving up at least one more track…

Ok so i got it setup properly as mentioned above using cue out as src3. Works for the master track effects problem. Also finetuning all track levels, cue out, main out and mixer levels is very important.

I would have liked to keep cue out for the send return to my mixer, but anyways. Would have been nice if the ot provided a feature to sample tracks pre/post fx though, would make this whole thing a lot easier. Hope all this rubbish may help someone with similiar issues. Peace.

Hey guys,
Finally signed up for an account to revive this one, been reading everyones helpful advice for a few weeks now since I got my OT.

I got my crossfade transition working correctly, i had to add a track volume fade out (on the original beat tracks) to the scene B for the levels to match up(for the most part…)

I’m still hearing the recording buffer being slightly out of phase while crossfader is in the middle… Im using 64 bar recorder loops/phrases. But i formed my beat from a short 16 bar flex loop sliced up so that it would be re-triggering always in time. the phase is not from slice locks because i’m looping the whole 64 bar phrase. Ive tried the delay compensate which has no effect on the recording buffer as Im not using it with external signals yet.

Some people may just crossfade quickly to avoid, but i was hoping to crossfade between the same drum beat for adding hats ect. and the low end from the kicks gets weird in the middle of the crossfade. And even if you can cover it up with scene/effects, it makes a producer look like a noob when stuff is out of phase and I would never do that on stage. Beats either groove or suck from small differences… Everyone says the crossfade transition is so amazing I would just love to feel that way myself by hearing no audible difference anywhere in the fade.

Any help?

Sometimes i also have this problem when moving the fader…

Another problem i have is that when i use a filter on Track 8 (master track) the recorded loop from the transition track playback when i move the fader from A to B…
I can manually switch this off setting the Xfader to Min in the Amp section, but is there maybe another way the recorded loop is quiet when using the fader for filtering the master track (scene 16)