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Hello Elektronauts! I’ve been playing with my MS for a couple of weeks now. First groovebox ever and i really enjoy it! Lots of fun trying out different ideas & techniques. But as a result, i have about 7 ideas in 7 projects. And i really love to play them out live someday. Is there a way to transition from one project to another, without the audio dropping out? I’ve been trying to do that with a looper, but thats not ideal. Or my timing is not so good :wink: Any other suggestions?

The M:S doesn’t have this built-in capability. One idea (an expensive one, but very effective) is to buy an Octatrack and use its resampling capabilities to play back a recorded M:S snippet as you switch projects.

However…if you want to switch more quickly, one idea is to have each of your projects on one bank. As long as you don’t have more than 16 patterns/project and aren’t using more than one bank/project, you’ll at least avoid the delay that comes with loading a new project.


For live it’s best to put everything you’ll want to play in one project.
The one bank/one song approach is widely used and makes things easier, but ofc you can use more than one bank for a “song” or have two “songs” in one bank.

If you have to load a new project on stage, you could use a looper, or a delay pedal and/or another synthesizer for transitions.
Some delay effects allow to freeze the delay buffer, so that the repeats loop infinitely.
You can then disengage the freeze, or filter out the delay (with an eq on a mixer channel for example) or just lower the volume to transition.

But it also depends on the type of music you play, not all “require” smooth transitions.

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Your songs are 64 patterns long? Dude i really need to listen to your music…

haha, no they aren’t. The thing is, that i now have about 7 different ‘songs’, al with 5 or 6 patterns across different projects. Im now looking for a way to transition between them / combine them into one project. Unfortunately its not possible with the M:S. So from now on, instead of starting a new project, i start within the same project, on another bank.

Can’t you copy/paste them all into a new project? Super tedious probaply, but for live you don’t want to work in the original project anyway, just in case.

That would be great, but i dont know how :wink:

According to the manual, when not in grid recording mode (led off), press [Function] + [Rec] to copy [Function] + [Stop] to paste.

Pretty sure on my Elektrons I can copy a pattern, load another project and paste the pattern.
Not sure if that works on Model:Samples, though. Hope it does…

Edit, Also can’t the M:S copy several patterns in a bank? Seems it does. That would make things a lot easier.

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You could send patterns from the m:s to your PC from the backup menu, receiving them as sysex in the Elektron C6 program and then use C6 to send them back to empty pattern slots all within the same project. That way, you’d also have backups of all your patterns!


Its that simple! Many many thx!

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