Transfer 1.6 and Overbridge 2.5.1 updates

Both Transfer and Overbridge have been updated to welcome Analog Heat +FX into the gang.

With Transfer you can easily upgrade the OS on Analog Heat +FX, as well as back up your presets.
Overbridge gives you an incredible computer integration – perfect for adding analog warmth and grit to your audio. Or float away and experiment with the digital effects. Suitable on individual tracks as well as on the master bus. And much more.

Overbridge 2.5.1 adds support for Analog Heat +FX and improved latency for all devices and some bug fixes. Transfer 1.6 also include some improvements and bug fixes.

Please make sure you’re running the latest OS on your device for full compatibility with the latest version of Transfer and Overbridge. Head to our Support page to check the current OS on your device and upgrade if needed.

*Please note that Octatrack, as well as legacy machines such as Monomachine, Machinedrum, and Sidstation are not supported by Transfer. Also note that Overbridge does not work with Model:Samples and Model:Cycles.

Download Transfer 1.6.

Download Overbridge 2.5.1.

Explore Analog Heat +FX.


Transfer feature:

  • Rename all the device file types on the device from Transfer.

I wonder if that now includes patterns ?

Elektron, really…?

Right in front of my Samples and Cycles???


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Can’t tell if you’re joking or not :thinking:


In my experience, only the DT’s files can be renamed. Digitone and Analog Keys files can’t be renamed. There’s no mention on this anywhere that I could find.

Write-protected files on the DT also have the right-click Rename option, allowing you to type a new name but then giving an error message when you press Return. Write-protected files should not show the Rename option.

They repeatedly said that the models hardware was too weak to support overbridge.

Unfortunately no amount of firmware update would change that.

I do hope to see a little more support for this line of product (and the flagship line) in the future.

Feel like it would be a win-win situation for Elektron and their customers to have a common software to connect their devices to.

I am laughing to not cry.


It’s on the list, right after Overbridge for Octatrack.


Head up: patience when reinstalling the new OB on High Sierra. It will look like the installer is stuck, but eventually installation will complete. Took about 8 minutes for me.

OMG I updated to Transfer 1.6 & Overbridge 2.5.1 on MacOS Ventura 13.2 and now none of my Elektron devices work!! Including: Syntakt, A4 mk2, Rytm mk2 & heat mk2.

Transfer can see everything but my Heat. Overbridge in Ableton 11.2.11 can’t detect any of them. I’ve tried multiple installs, rebooting… nothing works!

I’ve got a crazy deadline that this is putting in jeopardy now and Elektron is on holidays until May 22, which is after my deadline!!

I only updated because my Heat has been very flakey but OMG I wasn’t expecting this!! Does anyone if pervious versions are located anywhere?

Any help would be greatly appreciated please!

Thank you,

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Sorry everyone, I figured it out. I had to allow it in Privacy & Security but I couldn’t see it because it didn’t have a name, it’ just showed up as:

But as soon as I allowed this mystery app with no name, an Overbridge has been successfully installed popup displayed.

All the best,


This kind of thing should be included in the installation instructions (if it isn’t already included that is – I haven’t read it). It’s not like Mac OS is some niche edge case!

No firmware for models :c

Did you need firmware update to use transfer ?

Models never worked with overbridge ( never will ) … so transfer is the only relevant app here.

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Am I the only one who finds it strange that they didn’t go out of their way to also say that Overbridge also doesn’t work with OT???

Unless I’m reading too much in between the lines here

Did anyone already try it ? Has the latency really been improved ?

I dont own the new Analog Heat and I wanna be sure it’s worth it for my 4 Elektron boxes :joy:

I’m glad you got it sorted.

Very happy about the new feature allowing renaming of all file types. However, it seems that this is only possible on Digitakt, not on Digitone or Syntakt. Also, it is still not possible to edit/rename patterns :frowning:

I brought this up earlier in this thread, have sent a report to support but no answer yet.

Can anyone confirm they’ve saved and reloaded projects with AR no problem with Transfer 1.6? Want to make sure before I give up on the ever reliable C6. Thank you.

Is it kind of slower in comparison to C6? Or are there certain settings I need to toggle?

Oh and idk how long this has been available but thank you @Elektron for the space available gauge :heart: