Track Challenge: Mr. Lonely

Timeframe: From April 16th - May 15th 2018

Targeted machine: Digitone
Applicable machines: Analog Four(no performance macros), Monomachine

Challange: Make a song with variations only using one track on one pattern. No structural changes in post(If one edits the audio, the editing should only be used to clean up the audio and nothing else).

Ninja Mode: Complete the challange

Tips & Tricks(ongoing culmination of suggestions from forum users):

  • You are allowed to mute your track’s the sequencer, if you like

Helpful Links:

Elektronauts Member @pselodux did a lovely tutorial for how he completed this challenge

Explanation: I wanted to make a challange that would force the participants to to approach the machine in a really dynamic way. One that will force them to take advantage of every Elektron feature. Please share any tricks that you have- the core of this challenge is in performing it.

Laywer’s Note: The title is just a title- this is an equal opportunity challenge.


Clarification please
1 pattern, 1 track, that’s all?


Does this count or do I need to do something new? :smiley:


That’s correct

That works! I believe you made a video explaining how you went about doing that? Would you like me to include that video-URL in the OP?

Go ahead!

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what about Arpeggiators? Could I use one pattern and change the arpeggio?

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Arp is fine, but the track has to be recorded in one take.

So if you can work some magic on it live- that would be really cool and I can’t wait to hear it

can you be more specific on variations?

That’s just fancy-talk for saying the track has to be more than just a loop

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So we are not talking about a simple looping device? :pl: