Toriaz Squid multitrack sequencer


Because the Squid has a more immediate workflow with more tactile-looking controls. It looks more direct, and faster to lay down certain types of beats with. I appreciate trying out different methods of working.


That’s been my issue I suppose with the sp16, it’s very immediate but soon you reach it’s limits. Most of what it needs is solved in the squid, but I’m one of those reluctant to give pioneer more money - mainly because their communication on the toraiz line is awful. They are pretending there are no issues by releasing squid without acknowledging sp16 and AS1 are incomplete - so how can we believe they will support squid…


I liked the Toraiz SP16 a lot; I had one for a bit when they first came out. I think it has a slick workflow, is built well, and sounds excellent. I occasionally think of getting one again, but it’s just a bit too big for the limited space I have right now.

You can easily find SP16’s in mint condition for $700-$800 now; at the price, I don’t see reason to complain about it. It’s a solid reliable piece imo. I’m a big fan of making music on gear like the Roland SP-404 though, but I understand how some people aren’t able to get over its limitations.


A pattern set on the Squid appears to me to be the equivalent of an Elektron pattern: 16 sequences assigned to the 16 tracks, where each track controls one destination (MIDI channel). There are only 16 of these pattern sets in each project. I don’t see evidence of a song or chain mode.

It does seem possible to load different sequences individually into each track in a pattern set.


After a mere skimp (of the manual) it seems retrig with velocity curve is not implemented (yet). Step divide will not respect interpolation. Seems to miss a trick addressed in the latest Polyend Seq update where a trig and it’s velocity curve respects note/trig length.


Haven’t tried velocity curve on retrig on OT, very curious!


I am great fan of sequencers.
I think that they are the heart//the core of electronic music, kind of origin, “l’étincelle de vie”. A bit like sparqs in Frankenstein.
I have try a lot and still own a lot. When a new and different appears on the market I am instantly nailed.
So, just because of it’s new approach. Ear me : Nothing really genious or realy new, in this new one. Just a paradigm, not the ultimate with all the best features we met in our musician practice ; we all dream of that mighty great tall and big definitive sequencer.
But really this new paradigm makes just “me want it”.
Just because it’s a new point of view. Multiple features that we all already know, but that we never saw bring together with such ergonomie. This things must permit some type of sequensing syntax we never get with such facility before.
So, yes, I would like to have one, even it’s not reasonable, even if I still not have finish my new live set, even if I didn’masterise all my gear, specially the sequencers, even if blabla…


concerning paradigm:
I wonder how well the squid will be a tool if you do stuff like ambient music outside 4 on the floor EBM…
All the examples focus on straight dance music.
I know there is 8 voice polyphony for each track and polymetric which is an asset.
I still have not found out if there is something like a clip launch feature… That would be awesome.
Justmusic in munich has them in store and I will take a look on monday…


It’s polymetric, not polyrythmic


well said, i do think though there are some new things amongst I hadn’t seen. like the retro active retrigs, only seen that on a model:sample and that roland thingy (not an external sequencer). ‘groove’ bend and the toggled half/double time are awesome as you can mess up your beats and quickly return to order… I have no need whatsoever for a new sequencer but it does for sure inspire me to at least mimic some of this with pyramid somehow… I think this looks very cool. certainly for percussion


I really like what i see, it will fit into my workflow. And it could easily end up as RItchie Hawtins controller of the year for his live clap and snare programming. My only concern is the price point which is 150 Euro above my justification point for a one trick pony.


Sorry got mixed up, my other half’s Rytm has the velocity curve on retrig, on my OT I use retrig then use slide on volume to replicate it! Too many wines late at night.


This wins worst product name.


It’s not clear if all the performance features can be applied to all channels simultaneously for instant re-ordering or if the manipulations are purely on a per channel basis. This thing looks great but that’s the crux for me. Achilles?


I am still on the waiting list for cirklon and think I dont need another sequencer. I soon should get a notification as I am waiting nearly 2 years now


Agree, the manual skips some key information. Doesn’t really explain the prob trigs, if they are per track, per step, or what. Also the pads are numbered in different order from sp16, WTF would you do that for?
It does look really good for hands on sequencing but I’ll wait for in depth review.


Yes it is a little vague the manual. I hope they don’t ‘do a Roland’ and tease the universe but only give some rottten marsh in reality! Hah! I gratefully received an unexpected bonus and this sequencer has been on my mind since. I’m contemplating buying it and will return it if it turns out to be a hypnosis trick. One afternoon will be enough to test the boundaries operationally. 3rd eye open!


Look forward to your thoughts, I’m sure you’ll get lots of requests for esoteric tweaks…


Sequencers can joint their force to approach the powerful big and unique one :slight_smile:
So having an other one to play with the mighty Cirklon is not foolish.


Squids are highly intelligent so hopefully this techno version won’t disappoint. I will stay in touch.