Soundpack for Digitakt The **X0X series of drum machines** are all nothing short of legendary: the cream of the crop of analog drum machines, and the core of so much of the music we all love. Naturally you want to fill your Digitakt with samples of these fine machines, so we teamed up with [Samples from Mars](https://samplesfrommars.com) to bring you a massive collection of freshly sampled delights. Samples from Mars used their entire collection of **909’s**, **808’s**, and **606’s** (including a modified one) recorded in various ways (tape, MPC60, SP1200, or digitally). Combine that with multi-sampled groups with varying degrees of each sound’s parameters tweaked, and vari-speed tape-pitched hits, this is one seriously versatile Sound Pack. * 692 One shot hits including kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms, percussion and more. * 16 bit / 48 kHz / mono WAV files * Total sample size: 46,7 MB [Try it out for free and purchase at Elektron.se](https://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/2323/)


Kudos for partnering with samples from mars!


can you buy this for rytm too?


the blurb on the site says “also compatible with ot and rytm”, however no mention whether this uses slices or not… IIRC the slice numbers on the OT and rytm are different. Are rytm sliced wavs compatible with the DT? If so, this should work well with the rytm.


DT doesnt use slices like the other boxes so i would imagine these are one shot samples.
but will probably be fine on rytm / octatrack , you could make your own slices.

ive bought nearly all the packs from samples from mars, theyre very good , most of my samples on my DT are from SFM .
they have sales occasionally but are well priced either way.

692 One shot hits including kicks, snares, hi-hats, toms, percussion and more.
and theres a free pack to find out how theyre laid out too.

I’d guess sliced wavs would work on DT but you have to set start point yourself.
making the DT slice compatible would be very nice.


the SC demo tracks are superb (especially the main 1)… does Cenk do most of the Digitakt SC audio demos?


yes :slight_smile:

And they are all raw recordings from a DT!


get down!


using Analog Heat ?


These samples are great - I don’t have the pack but I have all the Samples From Mars drum samples and they are excellently captured and processed.


hello all
want to try to have some return on this pack…
I have all samples from mars, but honestly searching into this vast library directly suck all energy of me.
I think of purchasing this one for more direct fun.
Is there distorted/overdriven sound in this pack or just dry?? I 'm thinking hard techno, indus here… Ready to use in digitakt, without using vst and computer…

Advice from some guy who purchased it??



Lots of hard hitting distorted sounds in this pack, if you’re into industrial techno I’m sure it’s a good investment.


Thanks for your answer, will buy


There’s a decent amount of range to the samples too. Multiple settings, multiple signal paths, some overdriven. It’s a pretty nice set. You can use it in subtle ways as well. This is one of the few packs that I’ve purchased, and the only one that gets used regularly.