Too much popping sound harmful?


I am no synth expert, so just asking this silly question here.

I was intentionally making these sharp popping noises with gnd-ns by changing filters (fltw, fltf) on lfo, and wondered if it might be harmful to the machine somehow if this was too often, what do you think?

I mean it’s just noise, so I don’t see why, but just being cautious. There’s not many synth repair shops here…


It’s a digital synth. Any sound you can make internally is being created 100% digitally, so you’re not in danger of damaging anything at all. In fact, tricks like this are expected with Elektron gear.


You might blow your speakers though :kissing_smiling_eyes:


is it different with analog (non modular) synths like the analog four? i’m new to synths and elektron gear, i never even thought about damaging something… is it possible?




No. I’m not sure what point I was trying to make really by only mentioning digital, but even with analog gear, any sound you can make from adjusting the parameters is considered to be within normal operating conditions. The only way things could possibly get damaged is if you put a modular level audio signal into the inputs… but then again maybe Elektron gear has a protection circuit for that? Not sure. I’ve used the nanoloop mono direct out (5v I think) with my octatrack and it’s been fine.


Thanks for clearing it up!


thank you!