Tip: Load/swap sample directly from +Drive to track

By accident i pressed some buttons when loading a sample and entered directly into the +Drive.
Maybe this is old news to some, but it was a real helper for me. As far as I know I havent read about it in the documentation yet.

Sorry for the bad video but I made it fast on the go.

Great stuff, works for me as well. Really improves workflow. Thanks for sharing.

Nice one, thanks for posting that.

I think the magic ‘12’ is probably the first free sample slot in your project - that’s how it works when pulling a sample in to the pool using the normal (long) method on the sound menu.

Yep useful tip. Think it was mentioned in one of the OS upgrade blurbs but pretty sure it’s not in the manual.
Yeah the number refers to the slot the sample has been allocated to in the pool.


ya! Good one, thanks a bunch!

great tip! cheers for sharing :+1:

Great stuff!
I also discovered this by accident the other day, but didn’t remember which button configuration brought it about.
The universe shall provide :+1:

I also discovered that pressing the sample button twice jumps straight into the Sound pool without twiddling the knob. But peeps probably knew that already.


yes, yes, yes that’s great. So what happens if you have 128 samples loaded into your project already? Where is this new sample added?

I guess that’s not a problem if you start a clean project but I would still be interested in the answer.

maybe a good way to memorize this is, it lets you replace whichever sample is currently selected in the sample slot list.

E.g. if sample 23 is highlighted and you hit fn+yes to view the +drive, and then hit yes on a sample, the number 23 will appear next to its name, indicating that this sample is now linked to that slot.

Best tip EVAR!

However, this sample replacement seems to be global per project, which means other kits referring to these sample slots will be affected.

So it’s better to first load samples to empty slots in the audio pool of your project.

great tips!
Thanks you!

!!! thanks you!!!