The ideal live OT based set up

there is a limited tape delay in the octatrack.

Basic version with vocals.

@rozzbud: don´t call that a tape delay :wink:

Do you have gain issues with the TR8 going into the OT? I’ve been experimenting with a similar set-up but found the TR8 kicks didn’t sound right thru the OT. I’ve stuck with separating the TR8 out into a mixer, plus also having a AUX to send to the Space pedal. Wish there was one more SEND so I could send various innstruments to the OT.

I have the Mackie 802 and the 1202, but need the smallest footprint for the live rig, hence the 802.

It feels like there’s not a lot missing with this setup. There used to be a distortion pedal and Eventide Space, but I’m getting along well enough with thru machines and OT fx. There is a Virus Ti which might get added at some point and a modular to sample from, but realistically there’s years of music in these 3 boxes.


Great ideas here

I am heading down this same path.
My plan is all the following on a 32" x 16" pedal board with hard case and powered by USB battery packs (looks like 2 will cover the lot …) or just a couple usb chargers

Yamaha MG6 mixer into OT AB In
Guitar pedals(still sorting thru which ones) > Darkglass Vintage Deluxe as preamp > mixer
Mic > mixer

Digitone - OT Cue out to DN input - DN output to OT CD input

Main OT out is run to house or recorder

BeatStep, McMillen 12 step (and maybe Touche SE) > iConnectivity Mio4 for midi routing and hands (err foot) on control

This combo will keep me busy exploring for a long, long time without change. I can patch in a couple more audio and midi sources for sample fodder, exploration and collaboration.
Really looking to lock in and make more music vs gear tinkering. :crossed_fingers:


thanks for all ideas, also decided to get rid of my mackie 1202 vlz pro for live:

following devices:
Analog Rytm
Analog Four
Analog Heat
nABC Compressor

quick and dirty approach:

AR + A4 into OT A+B (using splitter)
MM into A4 (seperate FX - yessss)
OT Cue (not studio mode) is being sent to AH
AH into nABC compressor
nABC compressor goes back into C+D (DIR option)
OT MAIN OUT to whatever the monitors are connected to :slight_smile:

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My setup.
Based on basic devices such as:
-Powerfull Synth
-MultiFX Processor

In the current version of the connection, maximum versatility and the possibility of free routing are observed.
All signal redirections are carried out by pressing buttons.
At any time, any number of tracks from the OT or a signal from the synthesizer can be sent to the CUE output.
The CUE output is connected to the input of KP 3.
I modified KP3 at the hardware level in order to get rid of spurious noise inherent in these devices.
Output KP3 is returned to the input CD of OT.
Synthesizer connected to the input AB of OT.
Also, at any time, KP3 can itself serve as a synthesizer in addition to the effects processor. At the same time, passing through any other signal without processing.
Also, a microphone, a guitar or a piezoelectric pickup to freely record any vibrations are freely connected to the KP3.
The main output of OT can be connected both to monitors and to the input of the synthesizer. And the synthesizer, in turn, is connected to the PC via SPDIF, which makes it possible to record the main mix into the PC.
As a result, I have maximum signal routing capabilities with minimal overhead and switching.


Tell me more! I was a kp hater for so long but they are very useful!

I have a detailed instruction with pictures but in Russian.
Will you understand?

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Step one testing. This is not using IConnectivity Mio4 for midi yet and still needs wall power connection. Biscuit and Volca drum are temp members of this setup. Might need to build some risers to bury cables make access above lip of base. Also need some right angle cables … this is gonna be fun.

Octatrack/digitakt/ehx45000 all midi sync along with 2 eventide pedals


Those are some nice cases you guys gave. I’ve got my live setup more or less set but transporting it is gonna be a nightmare (at least for the larger format. I’ve done some smaller gigs of just tempest + øcoast --> octatrack–> DJ mixer and that was easy)

I am very exited about my new octa setup! Digitone and Digitakt are mixed with a small passive mixer and go into AB inputs. Micromonsta into C, Mam MB33 into D. Cue out into the inputs of the Digitone for the use of the FX, and OT main out into the strymon Deco.
Picture soon… :smiley: